YOU - Creative Conscience Mental Health Brief

  • Aira Suarez

Insight: Many people who have mental conditions fear of being judged by the society. Therefore, there’s been an increasing stigma of disclosing about their condition. The media has not been a good source of information and support of a mental illness such as Schizophrenia. There should be a more accurate representation of Schizophrenia; understanding them as people instead of just an illness. Solution: Promotional Materials: Poster Design Social Media Campaign : YOU may have some bad days, worries and fears but ‘this will always be you’ social media campaign is a collaboration with Mind charity. Instagram users would also be encouraged to share something about themselves that they’re afraid to show or talk about with anyone. Experience Design: Room Installation - 'Don't Bottle It Up' To encourage people to write about their mental condition experiences on the wall; helping them to voice out their emotions. This will be temporary writings (24hrs) using UV pens that could only be exposed to light.