You're A Snack

  • Grace Brindley

The full deck for a project I worked on during one of my internships. I had so much fun creating this concept. The final outcome was a typographic identity and design for packaging keto-diet friendly cookies and sweets. Aimed at the category of young, working women, the brand is focussed on empowering women to live a healthy lifestyle to balance work and life. After much research, I looked at people's snacking habits and how this was influenced by our working day, therefore the brand are focussed on fuelling you with the nutrition you need to do your best work and support a busy lifestyle.

I looked at other healthy snack branding and packaging that was already out there and how the brands were developed. I decided to make a brand that appeared more fun and didn't have an unappealing healthy feel, but one that was more modern and more attractive to the target audience. I looked at sweet and more unhealthy snack packaging which helped me to create a concept somewhere in the middle that was still healthy but more fun.
The brand was founded by two best friends who decided to try the keto diet to improve their thinking and mental wellbeing. They found that they missed their weekly catchups over cocktails and cake, so decided to create this brand of cookies and sweets to make up for what they were missing and in doing so launched 'You're A Snack'. The branding identity and packaging all follows on and takes inspiration from the brand story.
Packaging for the brand is typographic. This added to the more sophisticated and luxurious feeling of the snacks being more upmarket and therefore more appealing to the target audience.
The cookies flavours are inspired by the story behind the brand, with the founders' love of cake being the main influence. As the two founders love cocktails, this inspired the flavours and the packaging for the sweets.
The website and app are more about lifestyle, offering tips and recipes as well as workout ideas to help and encourage people to lead a more healthy and nutritious lifestyle.
The launch of the products is focussed on empowering women in their careers and confidence, whilst in keeping with the brand's story and principles.