Youth Can Do It - Prince's Trust

In response to nationwide compassion fatigue and new research that highlights a rapid decline in youth confidence, ‘Youth Can Do It’ celebrates the resilience and potential of young people through gritty optimism.
Vulnerable young people are transformed into determined heroes who are empowered to rewrite their futures; this is ‘Youth Can Do It’ in action. Directed by Andrea Arnold and cast by Lucy Pardee, the campaign drove 15,510 new visitors to the Prince’s Trust website, leading to over 3,460 young people signing up to life-changing programmes.
Maya Sourie, wrote and performed her poem Bulletproof which became the voiceover of the commercial. The music is performed by ‘Inner Voices’, a choir made up of state-educated young people, helping to deliver the empowering message that “pain is nothing but the fuel to reach my full potential”.


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