YouTube: Internet Citizens

  • Casey Bird
  • Shahnaz Ahmed

YouTube and Creators for Change identified that there was a growing problem with online radicalisation and hate crime within young people in the UK and wanted to do something about it. Together with Livity we created 'Internet Citizens'. 17 workshops that ran in 12 UK cities educating over 500 young people on the power of their voice, how to spot fake news and how to generally stay safe online. Each session was hosted by professional mentor Efe Ezekiel and Alain ‘Fushion’ Clapham - a self-professed 'creative mischief maker' and presenter. Nadir Nahdi, YouTube creator and founder of digital platform Beni was also on hand to speak to participants. I was brought onto the project to creatively bring the workshops to life in an engaging and fun way for young people, identify the overall look and feel and make sure the workshops ran smoothly. We also hosted an additional session at Creative Collisions, a youth led conference, to over 100 young people. The results with young people were brilliant, many signed up to learn more, started sharing their own stories online and felt instantly more confident to stand up to hate online. The workshops also received recognition from the BBC and The Drum.