Youwe cards Illustrations

  • Viviane Leezer

For the digital agency Youwe, I was asked to design and illustrate 6 cards for them to give to their clients or colleagues for certain occasions. These cards had 6 themes: - Condolences - Welcome to the team - Celebration/anniversary - A general card to give on any occasion - Happy birthday - Get well soon To ensure that the cards matched together I thought of a special "Youwe" pattern inspired by the Youwe logo. The pattern is designed in such a way that they fit together when viewing the cards together but also separately. The pattern is playful, energetic and unique due to the fact that the pattern is also randomly generated. I came up with the concept when I was animating the Youwe logo. I made 2 Youwe logo animations as prototypes.

Youwe found it important to visually convey these words: Social, Human, Personable & Fun. The Youwe brand really wants to come across as an authentic digital agency that takes pride in its self-regulated teams of about 120 specialists. So it was important that the cards immediately matched their brand values in terms of look and feel. The characters are also inspired by these brand values. Being very animated but also smooth in their design.