YSM8 x LMJP Yoga Supper Club

  • Poonam Dhuffer

In collaboration with LMJP Yoga, we hosted a vegan Punjabi supper-club at the beautiful Benk + Bo space in East London. This event is a collaboration between YSM8, a supper club series founded by creative Poonam Dhuffer, bringing fresh flavours straight from the Punjabi kitchen to South - East London tables and LMJP YOGA, founded by yoga and meditation teacher Lara Piras, whose yogic approach is all about community; bringing together people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and abilities in a safe environment, to share the incredible, calming and nourishing benefits of this ancient practice.

YSM8 brings people to the table to share through food, sounds, and stories. Ultimately, it's a celebration of my Punjabi culture and the Sikh values that are apart of me. If we're not documenting our own stories, they are being erased from culture. Who better than us to narrate our own stories and empower each other!
Filmed and edited by Jemma Jasmine. YSM8 collaborated with LMJP Yoga to host a unique vegan Punjabi supper club at Benk + Bo, East London. Music by Berwyn Du Bois

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