Zain Shah for FGUK Magazine

  • Kid Circus
  • Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah
  • Marvin Maddix

Very proud to have worked on the latest cover for FGUK Magazine and their cover star Zain Shah. Many thanks to the wonderful Marvin Maddix for having me involved and Darkwah for creative direction and styling. A truly wonderful team to work with. Editor-in-Chief: Marvin Maddix / @marvinmaddix Creative Direction & Styling: Darkwah Kwei-Darkwah / @hausofdarkwah Cover Star: Zain Shah / @zaddyza1n FGUK Magazine Issue: “Special” , looks at the spectrum of blackness, queerness, gender, redefining beauty standards and telling human-stories. This is a collection of the best of our last 5 years of print and to meet our new seven. We thank our readership and followers for the support, donations and platform you’ve helped us build.