Zurich - Golf Guru

  • Darren Collins

Insurance company Zurich, have had a long running partnership with the PGA golf tour and are the name sponsor of the New Orleans leg. They wanted to leverage their contractual rights to player appearances around this event, to create some content. In golf, as in all walks of life, you cannot perform at your best if you have concerns on your mind. Zurich protects you, taking away those stresses, allowing you to focus on and enjoy what means most to you in life. And no sport is more mentally taxing on the individual, than golf. So we came up with the shared story ‘Unlock Your True Potential.’ We decided on a comedy approach and came up with a fictional character by the name of ‘The Golf Guru.’ GG would be helping pro golfers unlock their true potential, using his somewhat unconventional methods. The campaign was shot over two days in New Orleans around the Zurich Classic. We worked with 6 of the World’s top golfing legends and our meticulously shot Golf Guru to create a year’s worth of content for digital channels across B2B & B2B audiences and also to be activated at events.