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19 and Punking.

Film DirectorJohannesburg, South Africa
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19 and Punking.

Film DirectorJohannesburg, South Africa
About me
I'm Nsansa ,The Expressionist Artist. 20 and South African. Went to The National School of The Arts (13/16 ; 13/14 Visual Arts , 15/16 Design - 2D) - High School. Warner Brothers , M.G.M , Looney Tunes , Tom and Jerry and Business Enthusiast .A Futurist. Expressionist Artist . Entrepreneur , and currently designing a Creative Centre (the size of Goldreef City-for starters) for South Africa. A Filmmaker too , and Designing a Film Production Studio as part department of the Creative Centre. A Cartoon Magazine is currently in Process. Also a Self Teaching Academic and Art student. instagram : @19_and_punking / @the_punking_expressionist email : 19andpunking@gmail.com Shutterstock : Canon and Colours (Website below)
  • Merry Merry.I want to reach to the very top so I can touch the clouds instead.
  • Home.The vintage bird.
  • Black Please , no sugar.I want to start my morning off with a swing!.
  • 2015I did not Know I was an Expressionist Artist , and then the madness began.
  • Pink Bubbles.And when I'm alone I want to think of trees and flowers and anything pretty to see. Beautiful things to see.
  • Blue ideas.Colours don't just give life meaning and perspective , but taste and introspective.
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Projects credited in
  • Shutterstock now!.I Love Flowers and Flowers and Flowers.
  • Hollywood dreams come True.In it's design the Film is ingenius. This series has completed Sam Weaving as an elite Actress. She looks like Margot Robbie , and they're almost like sisters and strange twins. Sam Weaving is the Greatest Actor/Actress in the world , and has easily overlapped Margot Robbie Unexpectedly , with her strange persona of/with Emotion. Margot Robbie has the Film sense , but Sam Weaving is psychic , naturally psycho , and an Obvious Genius , and Mad. Picnic on hanging Rock gave her the base to experim
  • Sidney's dream."I wish everything in the world made sense and there was a Chocolate meteorite aiming for my room."
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Work history
    EntrepreneurCreative Centre
     - South AfricaFull Time
    Although the idea started in 2015. 2018 was the year where the concept started to become more promising. Although I haven't really professionally engaged with businesses about it, research , drawing and designs , outing and public pitching has been taking place , research has been causing the delay. The concept is extremely pricey , and complicated especially because it is designed to be an actual location. Inspired by a Theme Park , but not a Theme Park - slightly designed a little bit like a theme Park , but for customer satisfaction and first impression success.
    StudentThe National school of the arts
     - Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001, South AfricaFull Time
    Annual festivals at the school (Festival of Fame) where they'd be no school for about a month - towards the first term. I was in Art , and Artists set up their art for exhibitions to show the general public , this was usually the chance for you to be discovered by investors and get deals to do outside work. I participated in the Set Designs.
  • Design
  • Film
  • Acting
  • Cartoon
  • Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Concept art
  • Collage Art
  • Drawing
  • Design Thinking
    DesignThe National school of the arts
     - Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa