Adam Proctor

Adam Proctor

Video Journalist - Motion DesignerUnited Kingdom
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Adam Proctor

Adam Proctor

Video Journalist - Motion DesignerUnited Kingdom
About me
I create compelling multimedia content... building strong stories, big emotions and moments that connect. I’m an experienced shooter, director & producer crafting engaging multimedia stories for different platforms - both TV and Digital. I have over 18 years experience directing, shooting and editing factual content. I also produce motion-graphics sequences to further enrich productions. Shooting to a high standard, my style is natural and intimate. I often work as a self-shooter/ director which allows me to capture engaging human stories. Between 2015 and 2018 I led the multimedia unit at where I was responsible for developing, commissioning and producing content for BBC World News and BBC News channels as well as the feature websites. Now freelance, my clients include BBC, HBO, Bacardi & Oxford University. As a moving image artist my work has been exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy, the National Galleries of Scotland, Aberdeen Art Gallery and the Scottish Parliament. Stop by and say hi -
  • 5 Charts that Changed the World - BBC / Royal Society
    5 Charts that Changed the World - BBC / Royal SocietyI had great fun making this motion-design/collage piece for the good folks at BBC Ideas (in partnership with the Royal Society). '5 Charts that Changed the World' takes you on a whistlestop tour of the history of data visualisation. Thanks to Ewa Headley and Bethan Jinkinson for being such a great team to work with.
  • * NEW - Motion Design Reel *
    * NEW - Motion Design Reel *Please enjoy my latest motion design reel which showcases a variety of projects and techniques. Clients featured include: BBC, Wellcome Trust, Black Rock, Scottish Water, Craft Irish Whiskey, Axate.
  • Islay's Viking Legacy (BBC)
    Islay's Viking Legacy (BBC)The island of Islay was one of many parts of Scotland to be conquered by Vikings. Now, new DNA and linguistic analysis suggests they never left. I had a fantastic time filming this intriguing piece for BBC Reel on the Scottish island of Islay - whatever the weather there is always something to capture. Adam Proctor - Direct, Camera, Edit and Motion Graphics Melissa Hogenboom - Reporter, Research and Exec Producer.
  • Nature Calls - animation for Scottish Water
    Nature Calls - animation for Scottish WaterI was commissioned by the team at Always Be Content to create an animation for Scottish Water to encourage people to ‘bin the wipes’ rather than flushing them down the toilet where they pose a hazard to the environment. I used a textural and atmospheric style of animation that echoes traditional techniques of cut-out animation and shadow puppetry. The resulting animations led the 'Nature Calls' campaign in cinemas, TV and online.
  • Through the Lens (BBC)
    Through the Lens (BBC)In 2017 I produced, shot and edited several episodes of this landmark series for the BBC.  'Through the Lens' profiles a dozen photographers from the iconic Magnum Photos agency.  In each film, a photographer discusses how they came to capture iconic images of world changing events - from the civil rights movement in the US, through to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 9/11 Attacks.  
  • What is the smallest thing in the Universe? - BBC Reel
    What is the smallest thing in the Universe? - BBC ReelProfessor Tara Shears takes us deep into the atom in this animation I created for BBC Reel.
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Work history
    Creative DirectorFortsunlight
    United KingdomFreelance
    We are a small and nimble moving image studio based in Fife, Scotland. We employ compelling storytelling techniques to craft unforgettable moments for a range of clients - from major TV and digital outlets to galleries and museums. Utilising live action and animation tools, we have a wealth of experience producing short documentary films and commercials. Whatever your organisation’s size, if you’re interested in discussing how we can help you we’d love to chat.
    BBC logo
    BBC logo
    Senior Video ProducerBBC
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Creative direction and management of a multimedia unit producing content for the feature websites and broadcast. Commissioning and producing mobile first video and multimedia content for the features websites. Working closely with the editors and writers to maintain editorial standards. Coordinating the production schedule and overseeing the creative output of the multimedia unit and commissioned freelancers.
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  • Camera Operation
    Searching for StarliteTelly Awards
    The incredible tale of a ladies hairdresser from Hartlepool who created a heat resistant material that baffled NASA, Boeing and the M.O.D. In 1990 on the BBC science show ‘Tomorrow’s World’ a most incredible material was demonstrated. In that episode presenter Peter Macann painted an egg with a thick white substance, he then exposed the egg to the fierce flame of a blow torch for several minutes. Picking up the blackened egg, Peter cracked it open revealing the raw, uncooked contents. The material known as ‘Starlite’ appeared to have near miraculous heat-resistant qualities. It was all the more incredible due to the fact that its creator, Maurice Ward, was an untrained ladies hairdresser from Hartlepool. The demonstration proved so effective that it soon grabbed the attention of NASA, the MOD and Boeing. Governments and huge multinational companies and governments were soon clamouring to work with Maurice… and then… nothing… In 2011 Maurice died with Starlite never having fulfilled its potential. In this 6 part series for BBC Reel, reporter Lee Johnson and myself set out to uncover the true story of Starlite and its enigmatic creator. Featuring rare archive material and candid interviews with family, friends, materials experts and those who tried to work with Maurice, the films uncover startling new information. Did the secret of Starlite die with Maurice? How does Starlite work and what is in it? Was it all just an elaborate party trick… or could Starlite have changed the world?