Adam Prosser

Adam Prosser

Director of PhotographyLondon, United Kingdom
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Adam Prosser

Adam Prosser

Director of PhotographyLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a Director of Photography based in Hampshire, shooting in London and across the UK. I work in commercial and narrative video content production for creative agencies, brands, musicians and drama. I have experience as a DOP in lighting and filming commercials, branded content, case study/testimonial pieces and also work with musicians on promotional films and music videos. I am able to work as part of a production crew or independently as a Director / DOP for smaller projects . I am also available as a gaffer for smaller location productions that need lighting and grip assistance. I come from a background in photography and continue to shoot still images. My experience in lighting and composition informs my motion work, as does my unquenching thirst for beautiful light.
  • Showreel 2023
    Showreel 2023
  • DP with 4.6K Camera Package
    DP with 4.6K Camera PackageFor shoots with leaner budgets, I am available with a 4.6k s35 PL mount camera package. Glad to have this finally rigged out properly with the Bright Tangerine Leftfield plate and Arri dovetail. Being able to quickly go between sticks/dolly and shoulder with a solid QR is great. The Ratworks Engineering ratgrip and Hawkwoods dual v-lock plate have been welcome additions. If your production can’t stretch to a mini, the ‘Barry Alexa’ can get great results. Prores XQ, 4444, 422HQ, BRAW. PL as we
  • TVC for Bought By Many
    TVC for Bought By ManyA new TV Commercial went live over the Christmas break for Bought By Many Pet Insurance. Directed by Tom Andrews and Produced by IAMJACK, this was a fun project spanning five days, covering two TV ads, TV bumpers plus social content. Who doesn’t love cute cats and dogs!? The crew had a great time with the animals running around the fabulous set designed and built by George Lewin Studio.
  • Beko Leisure - Live life At Your Leisure
    Beko Leisure - Live life At Your Leisure30s Spot for Leisure Brand Cuisine Master Range Cooker. Agency - Sideshow Director - Kin Ho Art Director - Chris Spears DOP - Adam Prosser Gaffer - Andy Cahill Food Stylist - Rebecca Smale HMU - Jessica Prothero PA - Luca Ho PA - Oscar Ho Studio - Holborn Studios
  • Riverstone Living
    Riverstone LivingA lifestyle film for Riverstone London, a luxury over 65’s apartment development in Fulham and Kensington. Directed by Matthew Joseph. Directors Cut...
  • Cheriton - So In Love
    Cheriton - So In Love"Tom Andrews directs a poignant tale of love and hate for Cheriton's So In Love. Relationships can often feel like a flowing tussle of emotion with many peaks and many troughs, and Andrews visualises this through stripped-back vignettes and a powerful performance. The progression of Adam Prosser's cinematography mirrors these themes, opening with spotlight-style lighting, where secrets and snapshots of a couple's relationship stay hidden in the shadows, eventually building to a burst of ener
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  • DOP
    Coronavirus Basic Awareness On Production Training CertificateScreenSkills
    London, United Kingdom
    This online module is for those working on film and TV productions during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s designed for freelancers and crew to explain your personal responsibility in reducing the risk of coronavirus and prepare you for the safety measures productions are taking. The training was devised from official guidance compiled by industry with a focus on film and high-end TV. This means some of the language is specific to film and high-end TV but anyone working in physical production can take the module and benefit from it. It’s not compulsory to take this training but you may be instructed to do so by your production.
    Mark Milsome Foundation Film & TV Safety Passport CourseMark Milsome Foundation
     - Iver Heath, Iver, United Kingdom
    The course was conceived and delivered by our chairman Kirk Jones with support from The National Film and Television School and Media Safety Limited. It delivers a Production Safety Passport valid for 5 years from Screenskills and aims to ensure that no crew, production or cast member is ever injured or killed again because a risk on a Film or Television sets not effectively recognised, assessed, communicated or managed. Topics include Speaking Up, The Law, Working Hours, Health and Safety Abroad, Mental Health, Bullying and Discrimination, delivering a modern refresher for those with decades of experience and serves as a learning tool for those stepping foot on set for the first time.
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