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Aidan Murphy-Anderson

WriterAberystwyth, United Kingdom
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Aidan Murphy-Anderson

WriterAberystwyth, United Kingdom
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I am an English & Creative Writing graduate looking to build my experience. As well as writing in my free time I have professional and voluntary experience of developing online content, and transcription from archives. I'm currently working at a University Library in Wales, and now keen to dabble in freelancing.
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  • Aidan Murphy Anderson
    “Bring this lad a vodka-and-orange, he's my baby brother!” Isaac hadn't seen his sister for 8 years, not since she'd left the household, but her absence had only mythologised her in his childhood mind. Isaac was 18 now, and Jodie… well she was unrecognisable. Surreal. Jodie's hair was androgynously short. Her makeup seemed to colour-shift under the neon lights. “It's sweet of you, Isaac; to look for me, and follow me out here.” “Certainly wasn't easy…” As Isaac sipped his vodka, he thought h
  • Aidan Murphy Anders
    It was a quiet lunch. My mind was drawn outwards, into the steely skyline, while Jun's attention was focused on his fresh food and cheap wine. He evidently didn't consider Sundays to be worth putting on trousers for. In the evenings Jun liked to smoke cigarettes at the window and watch the city lights. We cracked up reminding each other of some of the naïve ambitions we'd once had. Jun was compassionate in letting me sleep on his old sofa. Recession casts a long shadow, and cities can be lonely
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    BA English Literature and Creative WritingUniversity of Wales Trinity Saint David
     - United Kingdom
    120 CreditsThe Open University
     - Walton Hall, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, UK
    A series of distance-learning courses in Arts & Humanities.