Akua Kezia

Author, Mentor, ODC, Public Speaker, Multiple Business Owner

United Kingdom
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Coming from a background of ill-health, I have always found it hard to excel in things due to my health getting in the way. At the age of 14, I was struck with a terrible rare illness, that resulted in me having a transplant in July 2010. Along the way I developed four more illnesses and have battled with mental health. Since 2017, I have progressed and achieved many educational and lifestyle aspirations that I never thought I could achieve. As well as living a better and fuller life, health wise. I am the author of the book ‘The Transplant Girl’. My book is about my personal experience going through a liver transplant at the age of 14, dealing with mental health issues after, and how much it changed my life as a teenager. I published The Transplant Girl in July 2018 to raise awareness and give people an insight into how some young individuals actually live. In the hopes that it would persuade people to receive professional help, support people with ill-health issues, and knowing the importance of joining the organ donor register. Since the birth of 'The Transplant Girl', I have graduated from University after studying Probation & Community Justice, I have also been featured in newspapers like The Islington Gazette and Ham & High, worked with organisations like NHS organ donation, Royal Free and NHSBT, radio stations such as Pulse88, social media companies like Global and PopBuzz to create health awareness adverts, and charities such as the British Liver Trust and the Children's Liver Disease Foundation, plus a few independent organisations. I am also a mentor, advocate and public speaker for young people and promote, celebrate and empower young excellence, aspirations, good lifestyle choices, health and wellbeing. I founded House Of Achievements (HOACHV) to help young people by doing three important things: 1. Aspire 2. Inspire 3. Achieve "Your health does not define you! Your purpose and success shows the world who you really are." - Akua Kezia.

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        Royal Free Hospital Kidney Patients' Association



        Community Justice

        DeMonfort university

        Sep 2016 - Jul 2019
        • Leicester, United Kingdom



        Westminster Kingsway College

        Sep 2012 - Jul 2015
        • London, United Kingdom
        • Grade DDD (Triple Distinction)


        Sep 2007 - Jul 2012
        • London, United Kingdom