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Alex Trimmer

Art Agency - DirectorUnited Kingdom
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Alex Trimmer

Art Agency - DirectorUnited Kingdom
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Ahoy the Dots! Hope I find you all well, thanks for dropping in. Part of the illustrious Folio team, a leading illustration agency founded in 1976 in central London by Nicholas Dawe. I have been an Agent here for 4 years with a background in web design and entrepreneurship. You never know when something might come in useful eh :) My role is exciting and constantly varied. While each team member will work in all areas at Folio I specialise in Advertising and Interactive Media, working with clients worldwide and in particular the United States. I take great joy in searching out the very finest upcoming talent, finding potential and bringing it to the big stage. We have enjoyed three rotations of 'The Showcase' at Folio, an initiative I setup to invite emerging artists to test the water in the turbulent world of Illustration without feeling tied down or restricted. A chance to show the work to clients and introduce the artist to working practises. This has bought us such fantastic new talent as; Nabil Nezzar, Karolis Strautniekas, Peter Tarka, Andrés Lozano, Rebecca Mock, Nicholas Stevenson ..... I have been lucky enough to work on lots of fantastic projects with incredible artists, a handful of the images are on the profile. Highlights include the company timeline of Patek Philippe with Nabil, Two Dots with Owen, a nationwide government initiative with John Devolle, animation for the V&A with Karolis and a place in the best 25 young artists with Peter Tarka from Adobe. And of course a big thank you to The Dots and the artists that attended the master class portfolio viewing at the RA, was superb. ----------------------------------------------------------- Personal, Instagram: agent.alex Folio Site: The Showcase: Taster of the work at Folio: -----------------------------------------------------------
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Projects credited in
  • The Dots: Illustration Masterclass, images Ⓒ Youtube, part 2
    As an Illustration Agent for Folio Art, I was invited to do a Portfolio Masterclass for The Dots. Each specialist had four set groups who would come round and look for feedback on their own portfolio work: from editorial, to advertising.
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