Ali Clifford

Ali Clifford

Marketing & PR consultant, ethical & sustainable brandsLondon, United Kingdom
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Ali Clifford

Ali Clifford

Marketing & PR consultant, ethical & sustainable brandsLondon, United Kingdom
About me
For almost twenty years now, I have been consciously aligning my skills and therefore my clients to be centred around sustainability, environmental and ethical matters. Working with influencers, celebrities and trade and consumer media I am passionate about promoting vital sustainable, organic, environmental and Fairtrade messages, ultimately to drive personal accountability and change buyer behaviour to audiences around the world. I understand what makes the media want to share an ethical story with their audience. I have a strong ‘black book’ of contacts across all types of media, which work well together to deliver powerful results. My interest in environmental issues began to grow with the birth of my first child, and the realisation that there were so many small things you can do to change in terms of ethical behaviour - taking personal responsibilities for the climate crisis, to being in a position to be able to influence others. When overseeing the design studio at House of Fraser (HoF), I was nicknamed 'Queen of Green' by John King, the then CEO at HoF, it appears I had a knack for encouraging others to think about what they could do to contribute to making environmental changes. Some of my experience includes: • As Creative Director at Green Baby I developed their line of Soil Association certified skincare and Fairtrade children's fashion, and art-directed seasonal photoshoots, print PR and social media. • As Marketing and PR consultant at ethical shoe brand, I have worked with the team for over four years, increasing brand awareness through traditional and online PR, and increased sales by 2.4 fold year-on-year • And working with Earth Conscious natural deodorant, as their consultant PR and Marketing support, we successfully over four years, grew the awareness of the brand, through social media, celebrity endorsement and printed press. Having worked with ethical and sustainable brands in the eco/organic sector for many years now, I know how to build and pitch an evocative message, have a good network of connections and know how and when to use them. As a consultant Social Media and content creator and manager, I work closely and strategically with my clients, as an extension of their marketing departments. I work closely with the small in-house teams planning seasonal and special project content, email newsletter creation, social media and creative content management. With all of my clients, I manage their relationships with affiliates, and source and manage appropriate influencers, and ensure that their brand message is consistent. Social Media is both a pastime and a vocation for me, I also really enjoy the content creation and curation of a popular monthly Instagram project #sgiew {so good in every way} which serves well for networking with key influencers for my clients too. Currently we are focusing on the hashtag #sgiew_repair which is something I’m incredibly passionate about, and have recently developed a salvaged speed loom, made here in the UK from salvaged materials, in small batches of ten. A fun and creative personal project. ~ T E S T I M O N I A L S: Sven Segal Founder of the Better Shoes Foundation, and Po-Zu shoes, sustainably and ethically made. “It could be incredibly challenging to find a freelance social media consultant to truly understand your brand inside-out, and communicate your message as if they were you. Ali was somehow a natural fit for us from day one, beyond sharing our values, she knows how to listen, quick to respond, and flexible to adapt to our various requirements, and even superseding my expectations by going the extra mile when needed. Above all I found Ali genuine, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with, and would highly recommend her to anyone. “ ~ Safia Minney, MBE FRSA Founder, People Tree, CEO, Advisor, Speaker & Executive Coach, REAL Sustainability Centre. “Ali had been very creative and focused in delivering on our marketing and social media targets for myself and for Slave to Fashion. She had engaged new audiences with strong copywriting and creative direction, and really engaged influencers to amplify our message. ~ Bryony Richardson, founder of Palava, ethically made nostalgic feminine clothing, organic cotton, and tencel. “Ali is a fabulous ambassador for independent and ethical brands – we’ve worked with Ali several times on various projects over the last few years, and would recommend Ali for her creative drive, imagination, enthusiasm and productivity. She has been a great support assisting and guiding us in developing our Social Media style and presence through online PR; and networks comfortably with key influencers and likeminded brands to bring us to the attention of a wider market than that of our existing client base." I would highly recommend Ali, whether for an SME looking for guidance or a masterclass in the Social Media Marketing arena, or as a remote extension/support to your own marketing team. With Ali’s help our traffic and online presence improved noticeably and set us up with excellent foundations to take this forward ourselves in-house.”
  • Client: Rainforest Alliance via agency hibou
    Client: Rainforest Alliance via agency hibouShooting and editing a short film to be hosted on my @incredibusy social media channels. The Rainforest Alliance's annual #FollowTheFrog campaign celebrating and amplifying the collective sustainability power of the millions of individuals who choose products that are for people and nature.
  • Client: Bristol Energy Cooperative via agency If Not Now Digital
    Client: Bristol Energy Cooperative via agency If Not Now DigitalA short reel I created as an ad for client Bristol Energy Cooperative. #ad | I’m currently working with a local community energy organisation, the Bristol Energy Cooperative @briznrg aiming to raise an additional £1million in community investment to help fund further neighbourhood projects with rooftop solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels and battery storage. �����☀� As an example of the sort of projects this fundraiser could support - Easton Community Cen
  • Client: self - create an identity for the speed loom project
    Client: self - create an identity for the speed loom projectI've been darning/visible mending for a couple of years. Using a vintage darning loom as well as freehand. It's been a challenge to source materials made in the UK, so I've set about creating a speed loom created in the UK, by traditional makers, using as much salvaged materials as possible. Produced in small batches of ten, these 'salvaged speed looms' make beautiful gifts and start the conversation 'who made my loom' :) More on this to follow, it's a work in progress, personal project betwee
  • Client: Content creation for LIME, electric bikes and scooters
    Client: Content creation for LIME, electric bikes and scootersLondon - I really enjoyed making a short film for my client LIME: electric bikes Watch the mini-movie over on Instagram
  • Book review; instagram content for Bonnier Books
    Book review; instagram content for Bonnier BooksI’m very much enjoying Juliet Davenport’s new book, The Green Start Up, and thought I’d bring my rather succinct instagram review over here to my blog, where I can add links if you’d like to find out more. click here: #ecoentrepreneur #JulietDavenport #GoodEnergy #TheGreenStartUp
  • Client: Olmec Charity, infographic
    Client: Olmec Charity, infographicI have been working with the charity Olmec since 2012, supporting them on adhoc projects for workshop posters, photography, social media training; and was briefed in 2022 to create Olmec’s Theory of Change infographic. Using their brand colour palette, this illustrates how Olmec sets out how they will work towards its goal of Race equality through social and economic justice by supporting black, marginalised, and racialised people into jobs, enterprise, and boards. read more here: https://incre
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  • Inside Out Project: Dyslexia: Beautiful Minds (London)
    Inside Out Project: Dyslexia: Beautiful Minds (London)Location: The Design Museum, 224-238 Kensington High St, London W8 6AG Dates: 16-21 August 2021 Our aim is to show the world the strengths that come with being dyslexic. When dyslexics find jobs they love, with hard work, collaboration, and technology they fly. Imagine a world where dyslexia is understood as a hyperablility rather than a disability. Our aim is to change the negative connotation of the word dyslexia. These portraits are of dyslexics who embrace their difference, use their dysl
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