Alice Garrard

Alice Garrard

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Alice Garrard

Alice Garrard

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
As a multidisciplinary creative, I enjoy communicating a mashup of traditional and contemporary design. I work predominately in logo, rebranding, packaging and content creation.
  • Jacob's x Oowee Diner
    Jacob's x Oowee DinerI designed a rizla packet for a collaboration between Bristol based Oowee Burger and Jacobs barbers. The partnership aimed to promote both brands through a unified, monochrome illustration, communicating hope in lockdown. I created a character for Jacobs to sit alongside Oowee's renowned burger mascot.
  • Casablanca X Heat Proposal
    Casablanca X Heat ProposalHand painted illustration for a proposal collaboration deck.
  • Adidas
  • Silent Pools Craft Gin
    Silent Pools Craft GinI have been working as a freelance artist for Silent Pool, producing multiple designs for a rebrand on their craft gins. Where I was solely in charge of all illustrations, layout, colouring and hand drawn font design My idea was to communicate the intricately released flavours into decorative and naturalistic illustrations and patterns. The use of whimsical illustrations are to communicate the quaint, idealistic setting of the countryside surrounding Silent Pool. With most of there ingred
  • Creatures
  • Remix Culture Collages
    Remix Culture CollagesThe collages I have created demonstrate my ability to remix and mashup mainstream culture, with found imagery from popular magazines and photocopied imagery from both through the hip hop culture of the 80s and punk culture of the 70s. This use of detournement proposes a surreal and subversive message demonstrating my understanding of lo-fi aesthetics, as well as remixing imagery to create a new life and meaning. All these processes I have used display my focus on lo-fi visuals through a DIY etho
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Work history
    PR InternJohn Doe
     - London, United KingdomInternship
    I was assigned to admin, reading and identifying relevant consumer culture articles to send to the office. I designed final evaluations for clients on idea production and development as well as adding data to spreadsheets. Mounting social media coverage and tallying up the marketing adverts and exposure. I was able to sit in creative meetings where I was able to give opinions and ideas. Designed mailers to promote relevant and potential events for product marketing, such as for Malibu rum at Nottinghill Carnival, all assembled within Photoshop.
    In The White Room logo
    In The White Room logo
    PR Creative InternIn The White Room
     - Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells, United KingdomInternship
    researching and gathering inspiration for interior photoshoots, design and layouts of shoots, identifying trends and appropriate props. Writing blog posts for there design blog, where I was able to focus on the application of illustrated pattern design onto interiors. Finally using my skills within adobe Photoshop and After Effects, where I created multiple animations of a logo design for one of there clients.
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  • Drawing
  • Photoshop
  • Digital Design
  • Illustration
    Leeds Arts University logo
    Leeds Arts University logo
    YCN Student AwardsLeeds Arts University
    As a collaboration project with a graphic designer I won a commendation for the YCN Student Awards 2017, where we produced a quintessentially British bespoke campaign for a Greenall's Gin to communicate the authenticity and traditional nature of the brand.