Allison Alexander

Allison Alexander

Founder, Digital Data & DesignLondon, United Kingdom
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Allison Alexander

Allison Alexander

Founder, Digital Data & DesignLondon, United Kingdom
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Allison is a "martecher" having studied a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing, who since uses technology to unleash creativity. She has over 2 decades on the frontier of digital disruption, designing and launching Customer centric products, websites, apps, programmes and tools to reach and engage Customers creating greater Customer loyalty. She continues to leverage the power of technology and digital to enable clients in their pursuit of next, while upholding the values of transparency and privacy. Allison works with many technology businesses including Microsoft, PayPal and retailers New Look, Gap & Best Buy and has experience with Salesforce, Experian, Google Analytics Intelligence, Facebook Business Manager, Instagram Organic, Paid and Lead Gen and Customer Relationship Management engines including Customer Data Platforms and Single Customer Views with Marketing Automation, Customer Contact Management, Trust and GDPR. Having worked with data & loyalty experts Aimia Carlson, Havas Helia, and many creative agencies in London, her vision stands to connect more meaningfully with Customers. Allison persistently puts the Customer at the heart of the business and strategically aligns data and digital to enable richer, personalised, multichannel communications. Understanding the Customer Experience within the interaction she breaks down a view by channel. She works with businesses to drive operational effectiveness and adaptability generating insight and recommendations across People, Process and Platforms instilling a culture of continuous improvement and measurement. ​ ​ BRANUE is the vision of "New ways to brand your business" Your brand is of utmost importance in creating engaged employees who understand your values, to garnering satisfaction and appeal with your Customers, thereby leading to lifetime value. ​ BRANUE recognises brands must connect across every interaction and touchpoint in a ubiquitous, seamless experience, which will often be a "mobile first" experience, so we design "new ways to reach your Customers and engage" which leads to significant opportunity across a wider audience, globally.
  • Working with World Leading Brands
    Working with World Leading Brands
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