Amy Holden

Amy Holden

Creative PractitionerUnited Kingdom
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Amy Holden

Amy Holden

Creative PractitionerUnited Kingdom
About me
I am a creative, enthusiastic individual and pride myself on having great attention to detail. Through the diversity of my university course I have found I excel in model making and props making, with a keen interest in working with immersive performance, festivals and other events as I enjoy the fast paced environment and seeing a live performance/ brief come together to create an atmosphere which evokes emotions.
  • Tea-Total
    Tea-TotalTea-Total is an art exhibition and performance event with a hot beverge theme based at Boston Tea Party in Birmingham City Centre. I created this event to help boost sales at the cafe on slower days and a place where people who visit the branch on a regualr basis and newcomers can come together and talk to people with a common interest. I took on the role of curator of the event to gather local performers and artists, event organiser to pull together all aspects of the day and event producer on
  • Safeguard of Dreams
    Safeguard of DreamsSafeguard of Dreams is a world loosely based on Roald Dahl's novel The BFG focusing on the dream jars. Working with an actor for the voice of an omniscient presence I created, named 'The Guardian', I designed and made an immersive experience for young children (aged 6-11) with a small team to help record the experience. Photographs- Michal Jaroszewski  Film and edit- Mikolaj Kacprzak & Sam Holyhead
  • 2000Trees Fesitival
    2000Trees FesitivalI have worked with 2000Trees Festival in summer of both 2015 and 2016 to work on the site decoration team, refurbishing old sculpures and artwork as well as making new pieces for around the site of the festival, we also helped set up the festival in time for the ticket holders to arrive. I thoroughly enjoy working with this festival as the team has a family feel and I enjoy working with them each summer to help with the set up and see the atmosphere once the festival has begun.
  • Download Festival 2016
    Download Festival 2016 Through my university course, me and a small group of others designed and created sculptures of rock legend headliners for the VIP area of Download Festival working and communicating with Live Nation to complete the brief.
  • Collaborative Music Video Project
    Collaborative Music Video ProjectMy course at university collaborated the Film and Animation course to create a music video. We were given a different starting point in small groups and come up with a concept, design, make or sourced the set, props and costumes. In addition to this we wrote the scripts, cast the actors and filmed and edited the final outcome. Music: Moby- Sevastopol
  • The Last Frost Fair.
    The Last Frost Fair. This paper installation piece based on the last Frost Fair on the London Thames. As part of a small team, we were separated into groups each focusing on a different area of the installation. I was in the props and tent building with group. It was extremely challenging because of the subject of the piece as well as the resources being limited to brown paper and card, but it was my first project where I felt like I was excelling within making and sculpting.
Projects credited in
  • Music Matters -
    Music Matters - Selfridges.comProduction and Casting for Selfridges Music Matters Campaign 2017
  • 'The Paper Project'- Frost Fair themed Installation
    'The Paper Project'- Frost Fair themed Installation'The Paper Project' was a collaberative installation project that was designed and built. We has 18 days to construct the installation, using only brown paper and card as the materials, we re-create an 18th Century Frost Fair which was then open to the public over the course of 3 weeks in March 2015.
  • Download 2016
    Download 2016A collaborative project designing and making seven sculptures for Download Festival 2016. The sculptures of the iconic headliners stood 8 feet tall and were made using plywood, high density foam, acrylic paint and latex.
  • Live Nation - Download Festive
    Live Nation - Download Festive In Easter 2016 my year group designed, sculpted and painted seven, eight foot tall statues to be exhibited in the backstage area at Download Festival 2016. We had three weeks to create the statues so working well as a team was a crucial part of this project. It was a great opportunity to work for a music events company, and showcase our work to iconic musicians.
  • Sculptures for Download Festival
    Sculptures for Download FestivalIn April 2016 I worked on a live brief for Live Nation to design and construct 7 sculptures of rock legends for their annule festival 'Download'. These sculptures were all 8ft high and were placed in the VIP area for the duration of the festival.
  • Site Decoration for 2000 Tree's Festival
    Site Decoration for 2000 Tree's Festival2000 Tree's Festival is a music festival that takes place in Cheltenham every year. In July 2015 I spent a week working on 2000 Trees as part of their site decoration team. I worked with a group of people to construct, re-vamp and create artwork for the festival site.
Work history
    Live Nation logo
    Live Nation logo
    Site DecorationLive Nation
     - Freelance
    Through the university I had been given the opportunity to work for Live Nation to complete a brief to design, create, paint and rig 7 over sized recreations of famous Rock legend head line acts as part of a small team.
    Site Decoration
     - Cheltenham, United KingdomFreelance
    My responsibilities at the festival included working with the rest of the team refurbishing old props and signage, helping to recreate new sculptures for around the site itself which had previously been designed and helping to set up the site before the arrival of the festival ticket holders. As I returned for a second year I was given more responsibilities and trusted with more complex jobs as the team was smaller and the organisers knew how I worked.
  • Props
  • Model Maker
  • Set Dresser
  • Set Decoration
  • Creative Events
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Budget Management
  • Adobe Create Suite
  • Google Sketchup
  • Collaborating
    BA Visual Communications Design
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Through my 3 year study at BCU on the Design for Theatre, Performance and Events Course, I have gathered a range of skills in a variety of different design disciplines ranging from traditional theatre, to puppetry, festivals, exhibitions and events.