Ana Paulsen

Ana Paulsen

Graphic DesignerSan Francisco, United States
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Ana Paulsen

Ana Paulsen

Graphic DesignerSan Francisco, United States
About me
Hello, I'm Ana! I am a Romanian graphic designer currently based in San Francisco, graduate of the Academy of Art University. As long as I can remember I have been involved in art in one form or another. In Romania I attended a High School for the arts where I studied fine art. I always knew that I enjoyed the artistic process but it wasn’t until I was exposed to the vast world of graphic design that I found my passion. It is the challenge of creating a clean and simple design that catches the eye and informs the viewer in a short amount of time that I enjoy the most. Graphic design should speak to the viewer not shout at them; it should invite them to be a part of an experience, not just a mere bystander. As industrial designer Dieter Rams stated: "Good Design Is as Little Design as Possible: Less, but better – because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity."
  • Liquids
    LiquidsThe concept that I chose to do for this series was the interaction of various viscosities of liquids on the human body. I chose to photograph only the head and shoulders so that there was enough variation in the topography of the person without being so much as to be distracting. I used a fast shutter speed and fairly shallow depth of field to focus the viewer’s attention on the liquids as they filled and exited the curves of the face. PROJECT OBJECTIVES Shoot and edit a visually cohesive series of portraits based on a concept of your choice.
  • Urban archeology
    Urban archeologyGiven the requirement of creating an application using urban archeology as a metaphor, I chose to gather information concerning the choices made by consumers when shopping for cereal at a traditional grocery store versus those at a store marketed as a healthy alternative. Using photography, as a mechanism to visually convey the statistics, I designed an interactive and entertaining app in order to share the information with the public. PROJECT OBJECTIVES Using archeology as a metaphor, explore the artifacts of your urban surroundings and create an interactive visual documentation of your findings. For the purposes of this project, you will use the term “urban” to apply to any human built environment.
  • Think responsibly
    Think responsiblyPROJECT OUTCOMES The goal of this project was to create a self-contained C.S.R. website and related materials for a company, in my case Volkswagen, to drive traffic to the site. I played up to the company’s widely held status as an eco-friendly car manufacturer. I created a website that was simple, but informative and that kept with the light airy theme of the project that was also echoed in the related materials. The website and print materials enhance the Volkswagen's core C.S.R. values and present it in a positive light. PROJECT OBJECTIVES Create a visual system that you will roll out in a self-contained Corporate Social Responsibility website for a company, along with print, and web assets, designed to promote and drive traffic to the site.
  • Jack
    JackGiven the lighthearted nature of the project, it is interesting to note that there was a lot of research and time involved in gathering the necessary data to be included on the poster. Rather than taking the direct approach to present informational text that has been repeated so many times in the past, I chose to use photography and text layout to create a more interesting and engaging piece. PROJECT OBJECTIVES Create a situation in which something is experienced; you will then measure and record that experience visually. The game of Jacks will be used to accomplish this task.
  • Naked
    NakedThese sustainable package designs were created as an extension to the Naked Juice Co.. This fruit infused line of laundry, household cleansers and personal products convey the core value of the parent brand via the packaging and the products. The labels’ colours reflect the nature of the infused fruit to allow the consumer to more easily differentiate the various products. Each line was also assigned a number to allow the consumer to quickly and easily identify what line each is from. The extension’s logo was inspired by the parent brand’s logo so that it would be easily recognizable as having come from the same company, but was differentiated enough to make it unique to the extension. PROJECT OBJECTIVES Chose a marketed brand and create a brand extension comprised of a collection of earth-friendly laundry, household cleaners, and personal products with a clear emphasis on sustainable packaging.
  • Body & Soul
    Body & SoulAs an extension to the well–known RedBull brand I aimed to stay true to the feel of the parent brand without simply mimicking it. I wanted the design to speak to the fact that the product is unisex and, therefore, designed it to appeal to both sexes. RedBull, as an energy drink, stands out and is instantly recognizable in a virtual sea of similar products and it was that powerful shelf presence that I wanted to bring to my design of the brand extension. The streamlined design speaks to an elegant and pure product while the package design is unique and creates this project’s shelf presence that I was aiming for. The in–store display is meant to convey a sense of movement through its shape and intrigue the eye as an overall structure.
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Work history
    Graphic Design Intern
     - San Francisco, United StatesInternship
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    BFA Graphic Design
     - San Francisco, United States
    Design Excellence
    Presidential Scholarship