Andre Wooz

Andre Wooz

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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Andre Wooz

Andre Wooz

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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Website: IG: Andre ‘Wooz’ Griffiths
  • Unknown T - WW2
    Unknown T - WW2Music Promo for Unknown T's single - WW2.
  • GRM - Together We Rise (Documentary)
    GRM - Together We Rise (Documentary)Youtube Originals Documentary on the growth and impact of GRM Daily.
  • Knucks - Home
    Knucks - HomeMusic video production
  • Ray BLK ft. Ivorian Doll - Lovesick
    Ray BLK ft. Ivorian Doll - LovesickMusic Promo for Ray BLK's - Lovesick Remix with Ivorian Doll
  • Poundz - AMG
    Poundz - AMGMusic Promo
  • Stay Flee Get Lizzy - Handsome G (ft. RV, Youngs Teflon & Blanco
    Stay Flee Get Lizzy - Handsome G (ft. RV, Youngs Teflon & BlancoMusic video production
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Projects credited in
  • Young T & Bugsey ft. Aitch - Strike A Pose [Music Video]
    Young T & Bugsey ft. Aitch - Strike A Pose [Music Video]Music Video Edit for Young T & Bugsey Directed by Ray Fiasco.
  • War - Mastermind x OFB Bandokay
    War - Mastermind x OFB Bandokay
  • Juls - Like Tu Danz
    Juls - Like Tu DanzGraffiti, chains, and all things chrome. Directed by Ray Fiasco Produced by Asylum 33 Art direction by Ella Violetta
  • Cash Train - Blade brown ft Not3s
    Cash Train - Blade brown ft Not3sDirector: Ray Fiasco Producers: Yomi-Nií & Andre Wooz Production: Asylum33 DOP: Francis Lane Art Director: Phoebe Anne Harris Art Assistant: Rema Kahsay
  • Post Malone; Protégé or Problem?
    Post Malone; Protégé or Problem?A guy who writes okay music and is lucky enough to have features with Quavo and 21 Savage. 22  years old, professing a sound with a different variance to that of your household rappers. At first listen it seems Post Malone is chasing a similar path to that of Frank Ocean in the sense that he attracts an altered type of listener to your mainstream Hip-Hop heads. However, I’m hesitant to paint Malone with the same gold dipped brush that I do others such as Andre 3000, Frank and J Cole. Is he significant enough? Okay Candy Paint is a decent track, Congratulations probably the best out of the lot, but I don’t feel the same excitement as others do when listening to the remainder of his songs. Has Malone done enough for the Hip-Hop scene to warrant such hype and praise? If he were to answer, Malone’s ego would warrant a strong yes. The type of character to have huge self-portraits within his house, brag about fans dressing as him, and accept interviews with food stains on his expensive clothing it comes as no surprise to me that Malone is soon to prove a problem to the world of Hip-Hop. A few weeks after America’s worst mass shooting to date, Malone showed off his gun collection with a throwaway comment of “they’re fun, they’re practical and bad shit happens.” In the same interview he boasts that his Rolls Royce Wraith is a “great drunk driver.” These are the callous and ignorant comments that do enough to put me off his mediocre music from now on. The main point to make about Malone is that he is in the throes of a huge mistake. Utilising a genre to boost his mediocre talent and simultaneously snidely putting it down is a very risky game to play. Trying to climb the ladder to obtain the fancy cars sung about in Candy Paint is an amazingly stupid move to patronise Hip-Hop. “Whenever I’m trying to have a good time and stay in a positive mood I listen to hip hop because it’s fun.” With this flyaway comment Malone has hinted that Hip-Hop is shallow, with no deeper meaning that to encourage listeners to turn up. On the contrary, Hip-Hop lends a huge helping hand to highlighting the deeper issues rife in society today. Not only has this been a prerequisite of the genre for decades, but I struggle to believe that Malone does not take inspiration from those that work extensively to bring these issues into the front line of today’s culture. This thereby portrays an astonishing level of ignorance by Post Malone, not only toward black music and culture, but those who create it. Add this to the dismissive and downright blatantly stupid remarks in a recent interview in which Malone complains of the hardships he’s faced due to his skin colour. The result of this mix of ill-advised and thoughtless commentary on the music scene is someone who has successfully talked himself out of a potentially extensive and far-reaching fan base. You can’t claim to face difficulties and struggles for being white whilst utilising this fact to reach the audiences your peers cannot. Simultaneously you can’t discard the very culture that your success grew from, deeming it as unreal. Post Malone needs to be pulled up for these statements. He needs to be reprimanded for wanting the money and the recognition yet remaining unwilling to even acknowledge the deeper issues. Perhaps the reason he struggles to see anything of depth within hip hop is due to the sheer shallowness of his mentality. Unable to comprehend the life or death issues that face the communities in this culture on a daily basis, he bats it all away, labelling Hip-Hop as fun. Typical of an artist (this term is used very loosely here) capitalising on an audience’s culture as and when it proves rewarding, Post Malone’s undoing will be down to his own ill-advised comments and attitude toward the most fruitful and thriving genres of music within today’s society.
  • Yxng Bane; 2017’s Biggest Emergence
    Yxng Bane; 2017’s Biggest EmergenceWith the attention of the music industry currently focused on the UK’s ever emergent urban scene, it’s only right we attempt to pay homage to those artists who have instrumentally showcased the talent so rife in London and the rest of the UK. 2017 has gifted us with record setters, amazing albums and young kings making major impacts. The organic energy of these artists infiltrates into the music of our City, enhancing our daily commutes, drunken nights out and of course the incredible cu
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Work history
    ProducerFreelance Production
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Production AssistantFreelance
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Assisting video production.
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  • Script Writer
  • Location Scouting
  • Film Production
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    BA (Hons) Sociology 2:1 University of Roehampton London
     - London, United Kingdom
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    Nominated for Video Of The YearMOBO Awards
    Knucks - Home. Nominated for Video Of The Year.