Andrews Amoramar

Andrews Amoramar

Illustrator / Graphic DesignerBrazil
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Andrews Amoramar

Andrews Amoramar

Illustrator / Graphic DesignerBrazil
About me
I am a Brazilian freelance illustrator. My creative process is based on three principles. Feeling. The way I feel life is the first spark that awakens my creativity. Imagination. Once feeling plays its part, it's time to imagine. In the infinite universe inside my head come all colors and shapes to create something new. Creativity. And now it's time to finally bring feeling and imagination to this plane by creating a new work that will show my vision of what happens around.
  • Quazar
    QuazarIt is said in the oldest traditions that the Universe lives in an eternal dance. Particles and energy engage, destroying and creating. Stardust is swept from glowing cauldrons where no fire burns, but heat spreads and dumps matter into new states from which stars rise and the perpetual motion of everything pushes life to arise where no one can imagine.
  • Inner Me
    Inner MeNew project coming out.
  • Oliva Mediterranean
    Oliva Mediterranean
  • The might spider.
    The might spider.Inspired by the lightness and grace of the dancers, I imagined this illustration which is the first of a series. In it, the strength and beauty of the animal kingdom lends me their elements so that I can compose this work.
  • Mecha - The self affection shampoo
    Mecha - The self affection shampooMecha is a brand for people who take care of themselves and love what they see in the mirror. It's for those who are beyond the standards without fear of being what they are. And the illustrated young woman with her serene face and self-affection reflects exactly the essence and voice of the brand. The colors were carefully thought to allude to freshness, delicacy and affection. Thus was born this work that I keep with love.
  • Tesuda Beer
    Tesuda BeerTesuda beer is having a taste for life, enjoying each drink as if it were your last, accepting that you can't be satisfied with it and enjoying yourself. It is to insinuate oneself into danger without fear of taking risks, opening lips thirsty for the acidic desire to move through life.
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