Anna Kioumourtzi

Anna Kioumourtzi

Stylist/Creative DirectorAthens, Greece
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Anna Kioumourtzi

Anna Kioumourtzi

Stylist/Creative DirectorAthens, Greece
About me
Creative director and stylist with a focus on creating fashion film narratives around social/cultural phenomena in dialogue with art and fashion. I am looking to produce diverse and inclusive projects with equal representation. Fashion to me is a way of life and art can be almost everything surrounding us depending on our perspective. The combination of the two is what makes the industry flourish and grow. Considering myself as creative, sociable and hardworking my goal is to make my way and leave my mark in an ever changing industry which gives flavour in our lives . Currently residing in London, I discovered how much life has to offer and decided to make my dreams come true. Being awake, in motion and ethical (in a professional way) is what can make you successful. However becoming creative and opening your mind and eyes to new things and experiences is what will make you unique.
  • AFTAGAPI: A Drag Queen’s poetic narrative a series
    AFTAGAPI: A Drag Queen’s poetic narrative a seriesIn Greek, Aftagapi is the definition of self-love. In this fashion film, the team is exploring the multiple expressions which compose the essence of being a drag queen in a dialogue with fashion. Drawing inspiration from the London 80s punk fashion and music scene as well as the punk glam movement; Chai, a drag queen, poet and performer, throughout the film, is unravelling her emotions and the personal journey from which she went through in order to become who she is. “Strong, confident, and lov
    ITALIAN BUT MAKE IT MINIMALEur, is the newest part of Rome which started being formed during Mussolini's jurisdiction over Italy. Following a Neo-brutalism and fascist era of the architecture movements, the buildings fall in a more minimal yet glorious aesthetic with huge marble buildings and cement constructions, Giorgia our model, poses as a modern muse. An office woman who takes her daily lunch break stroll and poses in luxurious vintage garments and satin or linen dresses and suits.
  • High by the beach and other stories.
    High by the beach and other stories.High by the beach and other stories, is an editorial project which was shot in Ostia, Lido the famous beach village of Rome. Beginning from the famous sand dunes and finishing of down by the beach and into the sea, the model takes on a role of a siren, a woman who feels lonely yet not alone. She has a certain sadness written all over her face, however she is still strong and dynamic calling the photographic lens like a siren calls her victims. Using all second hand and ethical fashion materials
    VINTAGE BY THE SEAThis project has no story. Shooting by the beach, for Bubba's Vintage Collection, this series of photos is meant to be a sample of a great vintage collection, styling and photography skills. With just one hour in our disposal before the light fades, this editorial was a test regarding our timing and efficiency abilities. Managing to be on time, while changing at least four outfits we had fun, we did our best and enjoyed every second. I hope you like it and please, do not hesitate to comment belo
    THE STORY OF SANDRA: UNA DONNA PAZZESKASandra is Italian. She is a little weird, a little crazy and a lot of fun. She does not really belong in her city. She was at a Techno party she woke up in central Rome, she started exploring and kept partying towards monuments, famous streets and alleys. Dressed up, eccentric and a little tipsy she doesn't mind the eyes of people or their weird expressions. Her story is one song : Pazzeska by Myss Keta. She finds a small apartment and she starts changing outfits while deciding to pose for us
  • STYLING EDITORIAL: LOVE ME: A street boy's romantic walk in Rome
    STYLING EDITORIAL: LOVE ME: A street boy's romantic walk in RomeRome is a classic yet quite diverse city. How does a streetwear lover-boy fit into a city which loves romance, classic art and eclectic architecture? This fashion editorial is the story of a young Roman street-style man stranded in some of the most iconic places in Rome, on a Sunday morning. (Piazza del Popolo, Villa Borghese). Being drawn to the modern street-style but also by the eclectic nostalgia of the 80s and 90s he is looking for romance while trying to fit in. Through this story, we are
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  • Conversations with CocoTetta and Nikos Aliazis
    Conversations with CocoTetta and Nikos Aliazis
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    Retail AssistantAce & Tate
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    Editor/WriterStudio Blup
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    Fashion Science MA Sapienza University of Rome
     - Rome, Italy
    The Masters Programme in Fashion prepares students for high-level responsibilities in the world of fashion, as well as its relations with figurative arts, communications and entertainment, or for independent careers in the fashion industry and a wide range of related fields. Students acquire skills and specialist knowledge related to the development of the fashion industry, both historically and as an on-going trend, with special attention to cultural, symbolic and economic/financial factors, as well as the entrepreneurial and management skills necessary to work in this field.
    Bachelor in Business AdministationTEI of Epirus
     - Igoumenitsa 461 00, Greece
    The Department of Business Administration aims to promote the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Business Administration. Both the teaching and research at the department focus on the international and intercultural aspects of management in our globalized world. Linguistic and intercultural communication issues have been integrated into the curriculum in the belief that no business can survive or thrive lacking intercultural extroversion.