Anna Wijnands

Anna Wijnands

Illustrator for fashion & lifestyle brandsNetherlands
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Anna Wijnands

Anna Wijnands

Illustrator for fashion & lifestyle brandsNetherlands
About me
With my love for aesthetics, fashion and art, I want to add some extra elegance to this world. Ink and watercolors are my favorite materials to do so. I'm a Netherlands based illustrator, living close to Amsterdam. My art is inspired by Paris, Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn, femininity and some good strong coffee. In the world of art, anything is possible. Therefore, my personal motto is: 'everything you can imagine is real'. Current and previous clients include Dior, Harrods, Louis Vuitton, Hallmark and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam. Get in touch to talk about your next project and how illustrations can add value to your brand or product. Not sure which angle to take creative-wise? No problem! I love to think with you and discuss the option available. Let's have a (virtual) coffee together! You can write me in English or Dutch.
  • Hallmark: greeting cards for Netherlands & Belgium
    Hallmark: greeting cards for Netherlands & BelgiumThese greeting cards designs are commissioned by Hallmark and are currently available on the Hallmark website in The Netherlands and Belgium. That's why most of the texts are in Dutch, althoug some French words are used since the collection is inspired by French fashion and style.
  • Map of Paris with my 5 favorite places
    Map of Paris with my 5 favorite placesA personal project: a map of Paris highlighting 5 of my favorite places in this city: - Musée de la Vie Romantique - Musée Yves Saint Laurent - Opéra Garnier - Galerie Vivienne - Jardin du Luxembourg I would love to make more map illustrations and I've also done one of Amsterdam, which you can see on my website:
  • Eppli: Christmas illustration
    Eppli: Christmas illustrationThis illustration was commissioned by Eppli, a auction house and luxury vintage reseller in Stuttgart. It was used as a Christmas card to send to their business relations. The illustration features some of the items thei actually sell in their store like Hermes handbags and Rolex watches. The dogs are a nice personally touch as these are based on the dogs of the store's owner. Made with watercolour and ink.
  • Dior store in Amsterdam
    Dior store in AmsterdamThis illustration was commissioned by the Dam Square Business Assocation as a gift to Dior for the opening of the new store at the Dam square in Amsterdam. It's painted with watercolour and features the ss23 collection which was displayed in the store at the time of painting. The original illustration was framed and is currently located inside the Dior store.
  • Harrods: Christmas hamper
    Harrods: Christmas hamperThis illustration was commissioned by Harrods and used on the invites for their corporate Christmas Showcase. It features a classic Christmas hamper and a smaller Christmas box filled with all kinds of treats. The stars coming from the teacup add an extra magical Christmas element. Made with watercolour and procreate.
  • Louis Vuitton: live fashion illustration for the SS24 collection
    Louis Vuitton: live fashion illustration for the SS24 collectionQuick fashion illustrations for Louis Vuitton customers wearing outfits from the new ss24 colletion. These illustrations were made in the LV store in Amsterdam and gifted to the customers.
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    Illustrator for fashion & lifestyle brands(Freelance)
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