Ari Glass

Ari Glass

Ari Glass is painter and scenic artistNew York, United States
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Ari Glass

Ari Glass

Ari Glass is painter and scenic artistNew York, United States
About me
Ari Glass is a painter and designer born and raised in Seattle. He grew up in the Rainier Valley, Seattle. Glass attended art classes at Franklin High School and briefly studied graphic design at Seattle Central College, but otherwise has no formal artistic training. His paintings reveal personal narratives inspired by historical and fictional concepts of kings, queens, and kingdoms, and deal with concepts such as sovereignty and independence. His intention is to showcase the deep, personal and positive effect that art and art history had on him while growing up in the Rainier Valley district of Seattle. He frequently collaborates with other artists from his area, as well as musicians, actors etc.
  • Golden King
    Golden KingAri Glass current show is at Out of Sight. Initially, it was over in the King Street Station in Seattle but now has been displayed in several exhibition galleries in New York. Hit up this link to get tickets. I got a few paintings in there, all oil paint and gold leaf, one is in a mirror. It's pretty cool having my work displayed at an exhibition in New York, it's now the second historic spot after Seattle I'll be showing my art in. 
  • Ari Glass Art Compilation
    Ari Glass Art CompilationThis is a mixture, containing "The Sun is Made of Gold" and 2 other compositions. Enjoy! This piece of art displayed in New York is created by Ari Glass and represents a 30x40 inches painting, oil and gold on canvas. By Ari Glass.
  • Golden Guardian
    Golden GuardianThis piece of art is part of the latest show Ari Glass had in for RISD in 2015. The exhibition was held this Spring at the Paramount Theatre. At this ceremony, Glass won 1st Place at the City Arts mag winter artwork awards around then. Great things since this artist from Seatle had his first solo show called "The Sun is Made of Gold" about a year ago. It's really crazy you know? A lot of people have given me encouragement and I plan to take Art to the next level.
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    New York, United StatesFreelance
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    Seattle, United States
     - Seattle, United States
    Ari received 2015 GAP funding to help with the production of his debut solo exhibition: "The Sun is Made of Gold," an immersive gallery environment involving painting, video projection, vitrine installation and custom framing that places the viewer in "a new world."
    2015 GAP
    Ari Glass had his first solo show called "The Sun is Made of Gold" at Gallery 2312 in Seattle.