Azeez Bello

Azeez Bello

DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Henry Virgin
Miguel Graça
Floriana Dezou
Azeez Bello

Azeez Bello

DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
  • Future first
    Future firstA short film about cultural appropriation with the intention of empowering black/brown girls and teaching them that there unique features such as there hair are part of what makes them beautiful and they should be embraced even if society tells them it should be changed.
Projects credited in
  • FR Joey - Colombiana
    FR Joey - ColombianaCover art done for FR's track , Colombiana. 1st Was the final with the others as draft ideas. Do you love to bachatas?
  • FR Joey - CAPTAIN (Music Video)
    FR Joey - CAPTAIN (Music Video)Producer and Assistant Director
    AMELIA MONET - BADDEST REMIX (MUSIC VIDEO)Producer and location scout.
  • FR Joey - Summer's Over (Music Video)
    FR Joey - Summer's Over (Music Video)Video Producer/Videographer Captured footage Location Scouting Timekeeping Planning and development
  • LAID BARE - The Short Film
    LAID BARE - The Short FilmA conceptual dance piece choreographed by Emmannuella Owusu-Ansah displaying the struggles of life when under attack from all angles. Whether it be depression, loss of life or lack of faith, there is always a light at the end. Socials links - DIRECTOR : Benjamin Opoku CAST : Emmanuella Owusu-Ansah CHOREOGRAPHY : Emmanuella Owusu-Ansah PRODUCER : Emmanuella Owusu-Ansah &
  • LAMBB: Future First - Short Film
    LAMBB: Future First - Short FilmThis short film is an artistic interpretation of a black girls response to cornrows being renamed as ‘boxer braids’. The anchor point of the film is cultural appropriation but it expands much wider than that - it isn’t about taking a stance as a victim, it is about reclaiming our place and not being afraid to take up space. Featured in: Yahoo - Afropunk -
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