Bani Mendy

Bani Mendy

CinematographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Laura Jordan Bambach
Lou Jasmine
Bani Mendy

Bani Mendy

CinematographerLondon, United Kingdom
    EXPOSEDThis gripping drama explores loneliness, anger and mental health. The importance of self care and how toxic use of social media can have a devastating knock-on effect on a group of young school friends.
  • The Kiss
    The KissAn advert for the THINK! campaign, to highlight the risks of drink driving. "A mate doesn't let a mate drink drive".
  • Showreel | Bani Mendy
    Showreel | Bani Mendy
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Projects credited in
    DEEP ITA short film made by Fully focused productions commissioned by tri-borough about the impact of picking up a knife. I play Tobz, a young man who lives in the local area, who gets caught in the mix of the situation when Lara's brother mistakens him for Kadz- who he thinks is a up to no good boyfriend. I also did running on day 2 and 3 of this shoot when i wasn't acting.
  • NADIA (2017)
    NADIA (2017)Short film by fully focused commissioned by Centre Point. this was my second time working on and I had the pleasure of working alongside the likes of Richi Campbell, Leo Gregory, Rosa Coduri and Michelle Greenwood. I played 'Younger Mr Green.' A 14Y.O who grew up watching his mother getting abused by his step father. My scene starts at 11:16 I also worked as a runner on the days that I was not acting on set! making sure that everybody was looked after and that I was there to problem solve when
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    Drum Grand PrixDrum
    We won this award for a commercial film that campaigned for safer railways, in collaboration with 23 RED, Fully Focused and Network Rail.