Banui Barragán

Graphic Designer


About me

Designer with a focus in graphic and interior design. I am a young Mexican designer who is looking for solutions to improve day by day habits of today’s society. With formation during two years of architecture at ETSAV, Barcelona. And recently graduated in interior and graphic design at ELISAVA, Barcelona. I am currently seeking for a job in design in London.

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(hons) BA Graphic Design


Sep 2009
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • ELISAVA is one of the most important schools of Europe, a pioneer in studies of Design and Engineering. The Centre, affiliated to the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, has 2.000 students from around the world.



Bronze Laus Awards


  • An interdisciplinary project that invites everybody to think about this world in which we live stuck to a screen. The proposal includes a fanzine, a flyer and an Analog Day Kit composed by a cassette, a sketchbook, a note pad, an address book, a bag, an hourglass, a single use camera and a pencil. All these elements help the user to spend an offline day, to disconnect.


3rd Place "Acento G" Awards


  • WE ARE a collective of young citizens who aim to awake a certain level of awareness into people too used to devices and machines doing everything for us, getting us distracted, and being unable to let go and enjoy (no strings attached) our surroundings and experiences in daily bases. The interactions and public actions are our main mechanism to interfere in the community and break with people’s routine, launch a thought/message to participants.