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Bethan Brook

IllustratorSwansea, United Kingdom
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Bethan Brook

IllustratorSwansea, United Kingdom
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Bethan is a Wales based illustrator that has the passion for animals and nature, which shines through her illustrations. Nature has always been her subject matter and a place that sparks her creativity, inspiring her style of detailed line work created with fine liners. Through her illustrations she captures the patterns and details of nature and animals, showing their beauty through black and white illustrations with the rarity of colour. Anything that nature has to offer, Bethan is all over it and loves to use her passion for nature as the forefront of her illustration designs. With this in mind, she uses the power of her illustrations to help campaign awareness of the distribution of nature and the endangerment of animals. Email - Website -
  • Editorial ProjectIn this project I created a series of different editorial pieces for magazine articles. I worked on creating spot illustrations as well as full page illustrations in which I created from reading the articles to different magazines. This includes a variety of articles in which I had created different illustrations to show and represent what the article means.
  • Endangered animals series of campaign postersThis project was my own brief that I created for my graduate portfolio with the focus of endangered animals and finding a way where I could help the cause. WWF are well known for helping the endangerment of animals and protecting them which is why I based my poster around their brand. I captured the threat that the animals face while also giving the lime light to the animals in question to make people see that harsh reality, while using the power of imagery and words.
  • RSPCA Assured digital recipe bookI worked with RSPCA Assured with their recent campaign 'Eat less, Eat better', by creating illustrations for their recipes that they offer to customers online. I created spot illustrations that included some of the main ingredients that were needed to make the meal and created chopped versions of them to them create a border design for each recipe. To go with the recipe instructions, I created full page illustrations of the outcome of what the meal would look like. With all these recipe pages an
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Projects credited in
  • University of Wales Trinity Saint David, BA (Hons) IllustrationILLUSTRATION at Swansea enjoys a reputation for producing a diverse and eclectic range of illustrators. The broad and dynamic programme is designed to develop both creative and professional skills, blurring boundaries with Fine Art, Graphic Design, Animation, and other disciplines. It reflects and embraces the diverse nature of contemporary illustration and encourages students to challenge the concept of what illustration can be. The lively and creative atmosphere in our studios provides a comfo
  • Animal Illustration
  • Floral Illustration
  • Line Drawing
  • Food Illustration
  • Packaging Design
  • Editorial Illustration
  • Campaign Advertising
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Hand Printmaking
    (BA) IllustrationUniversity of Wales Trinity Saint David College of Art
    Swansea, United Kingdom
    I studied illustration for three years at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Coleg of Arts, where I got experience of working under briefs and deadlines that would be required from a client. Here I was able to better my skills as an illustrator and find my own style and work on my digital skills through the Adobe suite. I was able to carry out all my research for my own briefs and research for which fields of illustration are out there and where my work fits best.