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London, United Kingdom
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About me

MA Curator graduate with project management and leadership skills. A strong background in cataloguing artefacts, handing rare and fragile pieces, research and working collaboratively. Experience of conceptualising exhibitions, researching artwork, and providing instructional activities, educational and public service programs.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Mind
  • Academic Writing
  • Art Writing
  • Analytical Minded
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication
  • Creative Leadership
  • Perseverance
  • Persuasion

Companies I’ve worked with

  • C

    Chaucer college Canterbury

    • S

      Sydney Cooper Gallery Canterbury

      • B

        Beaney House of Art and Knowledge Canterbury

        Work history


        Volunteer – Beaney House of Art and Knowledge Canterbury

        Beaney House of Art and Knowledge Canterbury

        Dec 2016
        • Canterbury, United Kingdom
        • Internship
        • Key Responsibilities: ● Catalogue acquisitions and keeping accurate records ● Conduct background research and writing catalogues ● Display objects and collections in a way that makes them accessible and engaging to the general public ● Assessed records for preservation and retention; handling artefacts in a responsible and careful manner due to their fragile nature ● Support record-keeping systems and procedures for archival research, retention or destruction of records


        Volunteer – Sydney Cooper Gallery Canterbury

        Sydney Cooper Gallery Canterbury

        Dec 2016 - Dec 2017
        • Canterbury, United Kingdom
        • Internship
        • Key Responsibilities: ● Utilised creative skills and knowledge by assisting with the installing and dismantling of art ● Greeted visitors in a welcoming manner; answered any queries about the exhibition, building and events programme ● Supported staff members with the smooth running of the exhibition shop; demonstrated excellent product knowledge ● Responsible for looking after the gallery spaces ● Implemented Health and Safety policies to ensure the safety of visitors and exhibition objects


        Conversational Teacher / Activity Leader/IELTS Invigilator – Chaucer College

        Chaucer college Canterbury

        Dec 2015 - Dec 2017
        • Canterbury, United Kingdom
        • Full Time
        • Key Responsibilities: ● Taught International students conversational English; developed engaging lesson plans; adapted teaching style and activities to promote entire class inclusion ● Organised and took part in school events, outings and activities; engaged students to participate ● Provided assistance to students relating to any issues or emergencies ● Supervisor of the IELTS Test



        Dec 2009
        • Greece
        • ● Ancient Greek ● Latin ● Medieval History /Byzantine History ● Modern History ● Ancient History


        Master degree

        University of Kent

        Jan 2017 - Jul 2018
        • Canterbury, United Kingdom
        • Key Skills Gained: ● Undertaken a broad range of tasks contributing to the operation of an arts organisation such as Studio 3 Gallery ● Developed practical knowledge, skills and experiences needed to obtain employment in the visual arts industry, especially in art galleries and other visual arts related organisations in the role of curator and gallery and exhibition manager ● Gained insights into the functioning of the visual arts industry, including an understanding of the professional opportunities available within the industry, and the challenges working in this industry poses, particularly in relation to the planning, management and creative challenges involved in running a gallery such as Studio 3 Gallery ● Gained a wider understanding of a range of key theoretical and practical issues currently faced by the visual arts industry in the UK and internationally, and the challenges faced by an organisation like Studio 3 Gallery ● Visual culture and analysing in-depth visual imagery ● Managing creative projects from start to finish Modules: ● Curatorial Internship ● History and Theory of Curating ● Post-Conceptual Art and Visual Arts Criticism ● Museums, Material Culture and the History of Science ● Portfolio