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Caleb Hughes

Content Creator/ VideographerEast Molesey, United Kingdom
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Caleb Hughes

Content Creator/ VideographerEast Molesey, United Kingdom
About me
I am a World Championship Athlete who has competed at an International level for the last 9 years in swimming, including 2 x World championships, 4 x European championships and winning multiple World and European Championship medals as a junior and senior. Alongside my professional athlete career, I completed a BSc in Sports Coaching at Loughborough University. As well as my studies and swimming, I have started a property investment business with my father, a coaching business and built up a range of financial and video editing skills. I like to be at the top of my game in everything, my swimming success has meant that I put nothing but hard work into a job. It has taken many years of dedication and relentless effort in order to accomplish my achievements, this highlights a high level of time management and organisation. Playing water polo and swimming alongside my studies for 9 years as well as running a property business has not only contributed to these skills, but endorsed many others such as my ability and preference to build rapport within a team and improving my communication skills with people both verbally and literally. Since completing my degree, I worked for a corporate coaching company within London, primarily with the Walt Disney Company. This was a broad role consisting of liasing with corporates, visiting company HQ’s, delivering high quality coaching sessions and promoting and pushing sales of brands associated with the company. Alongside this, I have been renovating the latest house within the portfolio and setting up a coaching business in swimming, alongside video editing for friend’s projects and personal use within my swim coaching company. I love learning new skills and have developed strong video editing and photo editing skills in both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe suite, using this to create vlogs under our company name and edit high quality photos. Since my swimming career took me across the world for competition and camps, I developed my video editing skills alongside this, with vlogs showcasing my travel as a result, of which I shared with my swimming community and my YouTube channel. I also love to help friends and family with logo creation and social media content creation to develop their companies and channels. With my passion and skills for video editing from my own channel, I believe that I would be a great fit for this role. Achievements and Skills: European/World Open Water Championships (Medalist 5km Open water, 6th in 10km 2016) (7th 5km 2015) European/World Championship Qualifier x 6 European Junior Championships Bronze and Gold medalist 2013 and Open Water Silver medalist World Junior Championships Gold medalist and World Junior Record 2013 Full Colours Loughborough Sport Utilising IT programmes (Excel Spreadsheets, Microsoft and Google proficient) Video/Photography editing - highly experienced with Final Cut Pro, experience with After Effects and other Adobe products. Skills: Time management and Organisation skills: With training 25+ hours a week in swimming and water polo, attending lectures alongside other commitments, timing and organisation were strained but I managed this well by implementing mechanisms to plan tasks and deadlines. Leadership: Within swimming, waterpolo, coaching and running a property investment company, I have developed my skills in managing and working with people and dealing with different characters, and achieving certain targets and outcomes. Presentation skills: Throughout my studies I have had many opportunities to critique presentation skills including giving interviews before and after races and presenting to classes and clubs as a Loughborough Sports Ambassador or for UK Sport. Teamwork: Between my sporting and business career, I have learnt to build rapport within teams and perform within one such as with fellow athletes or staff, within swimming and waterpolo or handling jobs with contractors on the business side. Decision making: Within swimming and waterpolo, many decisions need to be made effectively and quickly. Negotiation/Vetting: Successfully finding suitable and appropriate clients to fill properties, as well as negotiation with contractors and vendors on sales, ensuring the correct standards are being enforced across properties. IT and Equipment handling skills: The creation of short videos and vlogs is something that I am passionate about and skillful in, with experience in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Products and a number of editing tools. I am also proficient with IT issues, from Word documents to complex Excel spreadsheets.
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