Cameron Williamson

Cameron Williamson

ArtistUnited Kingdom
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Cameron Williamson

Cameron Williamson

ArtistUnited Kingdom
About me
A qualified illustrator and curator, I have a passion for artwork that represents society. It is important for art to be inclusive and to represent the underrepresented members of society, and I want to work towards making art accessible for people of all class, race, or sexuality. I am currently focused on creating 21st century social realism, representing contemporary social issues in a way that incorporates both digital and traditional media.
  • Joe
    JoeSocial realism and social media, the subject is immersed in digital reality. This image reflects an unpolished version of reality, unlike that which we see on our social media feeds.
  • Cobblers & K
    Cobblers & KA social realistic example of a dreary British town, inciting a sense of nostalgia. The architecture and the characters are equals, both making bringing the town to life.
  • Two Benches, Three Fridges
    Two Benches, Three FridgesA set of paintings that represent the loneliness during the COVID-19 lock down. Titled 'Two Benches, Three Fridges' after the UK government's vague social distancing guidelines, this artwork captures the barren landscapes, distant relationships, and dystopian atmosphere during the pandemic.
Projects credited in
  • Fuel for Thought: Perspectives from the Niger Delta
    Fuel for Thought: Perspectives from the Niger DeltaMA Curating 2019, University of Essex. Fuel for Thought: Perspectives from the Niger Delta draws on the complexities of the relationship between people and the environment in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Oil companies have operated for more than eighty years in this area; despite contributing to the economy of the country, they also exploit the Niger Delta’s natural resources with vast consequences for people’s lives and ecosystem. The exhibition explores how artists are responding to th
  • Digital Illustration
  • Curating
  • Art History
  • Admin
  • Graphic Design
  • Comic Books
  • Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
    MA CuratingThe University of Essex
     - Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ, UK
    During my studies at the University of Essex, I researched into various aspects of art history, such as architecture, northern renaissance prints, and the YBA's. During the academic year I co-curated the exhibition 'Fuel for Thought' at the on campus gallery, Art Exchange. 'Fuel for Thought' explored the cultural impact of the extractive industries in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, and included work from artists such as Sokari Douglas Camp and Nnenna Okore.
    Plymouth College of Art logo
    Plymouth College of Art logo
    BA IllustrationPlymouth College of Art
     - Plymouth, United Kingdom
    My time studying at Plymouth College of Art helped me hone in my illustrative skills, particularly with mixed and digital media. I focused on creating comic books and zines, as well as editorial illustration.
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