Camilla Di Carlo

Sales Advidor


  • Marketing PR
  • Content Management
  • Campaign Planning
  • Project Management and Multi-tasking
  • Marketing Communication
  • Sales Marketing
  • Social Media Digital Strategies
  • Buyer Behvaiour

Work history


Sales Advidor

River Island

Oct 2015
  • I am mainly responsible for helping customers with their purchases decision to meet company objectives of cross-selling and up-selling for greater revenue generation. I also organise the arriving stock on the shopping floor when required. And support the cash desk operations during the busiest periods. I deal with customer’s queries and ensure satisfaction. I really enjoy working with the general public. I provide 100% customer service. I have realised the importance of building strong customer relationships since a company's success is ultimately due to repeat customers, and that a negative customer experience can lead to catastrophic results. I have a very helpful personality and take pride in assisting customers in making purchases they will be happy with for years to come and in providing a pleasant shopping experience. This has strengthened my communication skills and the ability to work under pressure


Junior Marketing Executive

BCM Resourcing

Dec 2014 - May 2015
  • BCM Resourcing is a successful recruitment agency founded in 2012 that provides staffing solutions to Construction, Rail and Oil & Gas corporations by acquiring clients through cold calling. However, its client base is static and the company seems to not be marketing its brand up and down the supply chain. I estimated the timeframe needed to achieve an annual turnover of 5million based on the current turnover of 3.7 million and a systematic aggressive marketing strategy. I recommended producing marketing activities as a more efficient way of raising awareness of the brand which replaced the system previously used. I conducted research into the industry and identified that the Web technology and mobile apps represented opportunities for market growth. I proposed my findings in a marketing proposal which I presented identifying key areas for improvements and recommendations which secured me the position. I managed the BCM-R website, trade press, all Social Media and recruitment portal advertisement. I also coordinated the production of a wide range of marketing communications using traditional and non-traditional marketing channels and I produced monthly newsletters. I planned active market strategies to target areas on recruitment fairs with the highest footfall, using promotional material to raise awareness of different campaigns, and encouraged candidates to seek further information. I have also been involved in the planning of an internal new branding campaign and helped with the choice of the new company’s name and core values.


Marketing Intern


Dec 2014 - Dec 2014
  • What intrigued me about WordWide was the focus on content marketing and their client base which includes Lloyds Bank, St. John Hospital, HSBC and Unilever. During my Internship at WordWide I discovered how content marketing strategies are planned and how much research is involved in capturing brands potential to produce consistent, relevant and reliable information to target audiences. I assisted the marketing manager in sourcing finance contacts and researching the sector’s marketing strategies. This was really throwing myself at the deep- end as I knew little about finance but it strengthened my research and adaptability skills and thought me a lot about how powerful content marketing can be as a close cousin to old-fashioned advertising campaigns.


Project Co-ordinator

BCM Construction

Jul 2014 - Nov 2014
  • I coordinated alongside the company’s directors the design and content of the new Integrated Management System. I initiated the project by taking the initiative to design a Customer Satisfaction Survey, using Survey Monkey, which provided initial insightful information on customer’s perception of the service which helped me make informed decisions on what strategy to undertake to improve the internal structure of the company. I planned my time efficiently developing excellent organisational skills, which enabled me to achieve maximum output in minimum time, as well as handle a number of activities simultaneously with the determination and drive to see projects to successful completion. I organised and motivated staff into working as a team by arranging weekly meetings to comprehend the company operations and the current management system arrangement. I worked alongside the management of the Health and Safety and Environmental department, HR, Engineering and Design Management, Accounting, Supplier Management, Fleet Management and Document Control identifying the existence of a clutter of responsibilities. I analysed the problem and developed solutions. I performed a Responsibility Matrix for each department which involved assigning each employee a different responsibility. This also required allocating new job titles. I managed and influenced teams, prioritised tasks and made critical decision swiftly, especially under stress. I proved highly adaptable and flexible whilst working within different teams providing support and consultation. I gained valuable experience working to targets within a fast moving project delivery sector. I have identified and re-written the roles and responsibilities of each department which allowed the Managing Director to write clear job descriptions which is now helping the company work more efficiently.


Mentor & Peer Assisted Learning

Kingston University

Jan 2014 - Mar 2014
  • Due to my excellent results at university I was offered to become a mentor during laboratory sessions for second year students via the Operations and Project Management PAL scheme at University. I helped students encouraging discussion, facilitating debate and/or activities which resulted in students constructing their own understanding and implementing ideas. I developed my communication skills through interacting with students. I used tact and diplomacy to deal with their complaints.


Student Welcome Ambassador

Kingston University

Aug 2013 - Aug 2013
  • I was selected as 1 of the 35 Student Welcome Ambassadors, a high cohesive and strict collaborative team where members were assigned different roles on rotation. We welcomed and managed 12.000 students enrolling for the new academic year reducing the waiting time from 1 hour of the previous year to 15 minutes. Home and international Welcome reception, customer care and problem solving with a proactive approach and personal initiative. My main responsibility was events management: I organised events on campus and outside campus (Halls Welcome BBQ party) but I also on rotation handled queues, managed and engaged students through sport activities and open day’s presentations. I dealt effectively and professionally with the public. Our teamwork ethic strengthened my communication, hospitality, time and management skills.


Standards Market Development

British Standards Institution

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013
  • I helped the BSI’s Education Development Manager in planning the launch of a BSI academic course in Standardisation for colleges and universities to promote BSI service and shape the new Standardisers of tomorrow. I assimilated and analysed data from the education industry reports and provided information on the market trends, the techniques and resources most used by the competition to understand how best we could develop and sell the course. I used a careful and methodical approach to raise the BSI’s Education profile creating a database on Excel with all existing BSI’s educational resources divided per category and potential degree match and I shaped specific degree portfolios. I compiled information from a wide variety of sources including BSI websites, BSI market reports, Educational case studies, and face-to-face interviews with internal employees. I performed a competitor analysis for the BSI Education Department which involved carrying out in depth research to identify areas of improvement. I exercised good judgement and sound reasoning. I have summarised my findings in a report presented both in Brussels to the European Standards Committee and the company’s directors classifying areas of strengths and weakness of their service and areas for competitive advantage. I evaluated, with a questionnaire, students attitudes towards the new launch of the company’s course in Standardisation to understand the best promotional methods to be used. I collaborated to the thinking behind and cooperate to realise marketing activities for BSI collecting quotes from meetings with the BSI major representatives that I turned into tweets that helped boost the organisation-customers engagement and relationship



Marketing Management

Kingston Univeristy

Aug 2011 - Apr 2014
  • Marketing Management



  • At university I have conducted together with other students, research on the British Fashion retailer Aquascutum that had seen a dramatic fall in its sales and closed down some of its stores. I contributed to the thinking behind a Marketing Strategy plan which we carefully planned tailored to the brand to understand where the British firm needed aggressive marketing to revitalise its brand and re-launch its sales. We discovered that its sales were only generated by purchases made by affluent Asian tourists and that the brand name was not known among the younger demographic. I outlined a strategy that recommended moving the brand into new emerging luxury markets with a high interest in British style. I also proposed to put in place a Diffusion line to engage with a higher younger spending audience. This strategy helped avoid damaging the image of the prestigious trench-coats and suits line; meaning its brand equity held within its current consumer base was protected. The diffusion line, a value price strategy,


  • I implemented, directed and executed a project entailing the use of Microsoft Project 2010 adopted for the purpose of launching a Football charity event. This involved initial planning of Project Description, SMART objectives, Milestones and Critical success Factors. From this project I learnt how to use Project Management software and to deliver a project successfully on time and within budget.


  • I carried out in-depth research of the UK confectionary market to categorize a product not yet present in the market and conduct qualitative market research to gain insight to investigate consumer


Oxford University Press

  • I have a proven track record of achievements, both within university and through extra-curriculum activities. I won numerous awards during my academic career for my excellent results. At university I worked as a part of a winning team where I contributed to the thinking behind and cooperate to realise a new marketing product proposal (Adidas trainers sponsoring The Olympics 2012), for which we won an award from Oxford University Press for best product plan, packaging and development.


  • I am proficient in using all functions and aspects of Microsoft Office and IT Management Software. Worked quickly and accurately on a number of complex computer programmes.