Cartèlea Howell

Cartèlea Howell

ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Cartèlea Howell

Cartèlea Howell

ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
A multi-talented individual who fearlessly moved to London in December 2016. Possessing a CILEx Legal Secretarial qualification, I have been fortunate to work in FTSE 100 organisations. Since moving here, I have realised I am a true creative at heart and I have fully immersed myself in many programmes and projects, over the past two years. I have been featured in many publications such as Time Out, Poet in the City, DSTNGR, Depop, Screen Skills (formerly known as Hiive) London Film Week, Reform the Funk, and Create Jobs. I am passionate about always becoming a better version of myself every day, and I do this by taking part in personal development programmes, whilst having an inquisitive mind. I am an Art and Design student at Kensington and Chelsea College, where I am currently designing my first collection for my handbag brand, CARTÈLEA KELSIE.
  • Handbag made by me in collaboration with Candice Lau at Studio Candice Lau
    Handbag made by me in collaboration with Candice Lau at Studio Candice LauA great project where I was able to get inspiration and insight and knowlege in the process of handbag making with Candice.
  • LFW
    LFWLondon Fashion Live / LFW. 15th February 2020.
  • Poetry and Lyrics Festival - Still I Rise blog review written by Cartèlea
    Poetry and Lyrics Festival - Still I Rise blog review written by CartèleaI volunteered at Poet in the city, to gain more networks and get my foot in the door in the creative industry. Just a simple Google search and I was in a grand space where I was able to express my creativity and write a review for the Poetry and Lyrics festival, in particular, the 'Still I Rise' event, where a collective of inspiring women was doing their damn thing.
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Projects credited in
  • 'WE ARE...' London Film Week - Festival Trailer
    'WE ARE...' London Film Week - Festival TrailerPromoting new film festival, London Film Week. Writer & Director: David Allain Producer: Camilla Wilson Executive Producer: Matt Buels Production Company: Hungry Man
  • Nasser Baker - Say Something
    Nasser Baker - Say SomethingMusic Video
  • Cartelea Howell
    Cartelea HowellJames’ mindset was on another level from a young age. He would ask questions a normal four-year-old would not ask, and he would always question his existence. His parents may have a huge part to play in this, as James grew up in a let’s say dysfunctional household, being dragged up, and surrounded by crime and misery daily. Family members offered to look after him when his parents were really struggling, but his parents declined ferociously. James saw a lot of things he shouldn’t have seen as an
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Work history
    Work CoachDWP
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    - Applied for the Case Manager role during COVID-19 where I was promoted as a Work Coach within a month due to great performance and showing the aptitude for quick learning and effective application. - Building positive relationships and rapport with customers. - Processing of new claims, conducting telephone interviews to verify claimant identity and other evidence, as laid down in the COVID-19 processes. - Working on a variety of caseloads, identifying whether they need further support. - Signposting claimants to jobs, opportunities and providers tailored to their needs. - Constantly takes responsibility for self-development which includes building knowledge on the Labour Market.
    L'Oréal logo
    L'Oréal logo
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    - Packaging of fragrances in a meticulous fashion at the headquarters of Loreal in the Luxe fragrance department. - Delivering excellent customer service by contacting clients of L'Oréal for feedback on a new product that was launched for marketing and development purposes.
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  • Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Design
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Modelling
  • Curation
  • Creating Moodboards
  • Creative
  • Copywriting
  • Copywriting Skills
  • Event Coordination
  • Event Hosting
  • Blogging
  • Administration Skills
  • Organisation
  • Creative Ideas
  • Proofreading
  • Analytic Skills
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Creative Mind
  • English Grammar
  • Computer Literate
  • Communicative
  • Creative Research
  • IT
  • Review Writing
  • Design Layout
  • Visual Art
  • Flyer Design
  • Hosting
  • Leadership
  • Photography
  • Editing Proofreading
    UAL Level 2 Diploma in Art & Design Fashion PathwayKensington and Chelsea College
    London, United Kingdom
    Studied at one of the top leading colleges in the country where I learnt all the key skills to help with my fashion business. Topics include (but not limited to) pattern cutting, sewing, research, design and development, CAD, draping and technical drawing.
    Digital FashionKensington and Chelsea College
     - London, United Kingdom
    I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop to create illustrations, where I was successful in creating designs for my fashion brand, whilst gaining invaluable knowledge and resources.
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    Roundhouse Creative Leader ProgrammeRoundhouse
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