Cathryn Goddard

Cathryn Goddard

Freelance WriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Cathryn Goddard

Cathryn Goddard

Freelance WriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a freelance copywriter and content writer, based in the UK (sunny Croydon) who is a bit of whizz with content writing for adverts, websites, product descriptions, SEO content writing services and oh, so much more. ​ I have been copywriting for businesses for five years, and I deliver precise, SEO driven content, that reflects the tone of your company and all with a realistic time-frame. Having worked for small businesses, I know the importance of seeing the value in every expenditure; that's why I offer bespoke rates depending on your needs. I won't sell you a full website overhaul if all you need are a few keyword tweaks. ​ I believe that words, even in our digital age, are the most effective way to communicate with our clients. The most important thing for me is that you feel the copy is organic and all yours - and of course, that it brings you lots of business!
  • The Beam Network
    The Beam NetworkI worked with The Beam Network to create their website and content for their launching website. The Beam Network is a community organisation that empowers women to take control of the finances.
  • Winner - Short Story Competition - 'The List'
    Winner - Short Story Competition - 'The List'I was the 2020 winner of the Jane Austen Literary Foundation's Short Story Competition. This is the first time the foundation have run a competition and my story, alongside the two wonderful runner-ups, will be made into an audiobook to be made available on Audible at the end of the year. You can read the piece here
  • Women in Business: Hema Chauhan (Interview)
    Women in Business: Hema Chauhan (Interview)An interview for, the Founder of Curlicue - an eco-friendly wrapping paper supplier. We discuss motivation, entrepreneurship, how cold-calling makes us stronger and what the world needs now.
  • 'Ten Things I can’t Wait to do in London when the World Reopens’ by Cathryn Goddard
    'Ten Things I can’t Wait to do in London when the World Reopens’ by Cathryn GoddardAn article for Taschtastic, lamenting over lockdown and all the places I can't wait to get back to in the Capital from 1:54 African Art Fair at Somerset House and scoffing cheese toasties at Borough Market.
  • Jeffrey Epstein: One Monster Down, Thousands to Go by Cathryn Goddard - Article
    Jeffrey Epstein: One Monster Down, Thousands to Go by Cathryn Goddard - ArticleA review of Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, for Woman to Woman and an exploration of sexual abuse within celebrity culture. 'Netflix recently released a documentary on the serial abuser, Jeffrey Epstein. It documents his abuse of young girls from the mid-90s and the extent of his sex trafficking of young women. It’s hard watching, but the brave women who tell their stories deserve more than just our attention. Plus, the more we learn about the habits of monsters like Epstein, the quicker we can
  • 'Zoom Calls are the New Ladies' Bathroom' By Cathryn Goddard - Article
    'Zoom Calls are the New Ladies' Bathroom' By Cathryn Goddard - ArticleAn article for The C Word based on experiences of female friendship and how lockdown has affected these essential connections. 'I can say, hand on heart, that my female friendships have saved my life. When my mental health has been at its lowest, my friends have always been the ones to drag me from hell and bring me back to life. They are gentle and kind, tough and empowering, truthful and embracing. People wonder what makes female friendship so unique - the truth is, you find this bond in e
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  • Cathryn Goddard
    Cathryn GoddardShe was the brightest star in the darkness sky and moved like autumn leaves in a breeze. When my family moved from New York to that small town in North Carolina, I never thought I’d find someone like her among the Piggly Wiggly and the tailgates. Discussion in our house never engaged the reality of a woman loving a woman, even with our New York zip code. As we’d laid together that first night in my bedroom, surrounded by Spice Girls posters, I had no idea of what our love would do to the world
  • Cathryn Goddard
    Cathryn GoddardMusic flooded into the lush green landscape; escaping through closed windows, reaching the ears of those who needed it. The choral voices rang high into the rain-laden clouds, echoing through the valley. Whispers of ‘Hallelujah’ reached him as he stood on the hill overlooking the mourners. Bringing the collar of his coat around his face, protecting himself from the bitter Nordic winds, he stared down over his former Parish. No one had believed that they were burying the wrong woman. He had to le
  • Cathryn Goddard
    Cathryn GoddardRachel had been the only person Harriet had wanted to see as she lay in hospital with broken ribs. “I should have left so long ago, Rach.” “I’ve got you, H,” she replied. To the world, Harriet was a wild bird, colourful and free; but to Rachel, she was her mooring in rough seas. Rachel brought Harriet home to the small flat she rented in town; she bathed her, nursed her wounds, made her laugh and held her when she cried. When Harriet was ready, Rachel opened the door again and taught her how
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Work history
    Freelance WriterFreelance
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I create content and copywriting work for B2B and B2C clients in both corporate and creative arenas. I also create articles and blogs under my names for women's publications and online zines.
    Head of Event DesignPinstripes and Peonies
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    I manage and co-ordinate the business from sales strategy, account management, client liaison, tenders and managing a team. I oversee the operations of the business from IT, service delivery and day-to-day management. Alongside this, I also push the creativity of the business.
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    BA(Hons) Modern Drama StudiesBrunel University
     - London, United Kingdom
    Winner - Short Story Competition - 'The List'Jane Austen Literary Foundation
    'Dear Diary' - ShortlistedFiction Factory