Catia Silvestre

Catia Silvestre

ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Catia Silvestre

Catia Silvestre

ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am born creator who fell into the curse of the impostor syndrome, shrinking to fit into boxes trying to fit into the world. Over the last 3 years I have worked in finding myself and liberating my true artistic nature and venture into art direction and conceptual art and performance as a means to share my vision with the world. Having studied fashion design and graduating with London College of Fashion in 2020 I loved the freedom to explore and create but at the same time found that garments are not enough of an expression for me, especially if having to comply with the fashion industry standards. This realisation allowed for a whole new way of expression and I am currently working on my first conceptual/performance art project with I hope to be sharing with the world this summer.
  • I Am Festival collaboration
    I Am Festival collaborationCollaboration with A New Direction and artist Romain Potier to deliver a series of art workshops and create a catwalk and digital catwalk show featuring the fashion creations and styling done by the children participating.
  • Serpentry
    SerpentryMy first conceptual and performance project - I am currently working on developing this idea. Serpentry tells the story of a woman, mother and daughter and her transformation through life's anguishes and deceptions, their true nature hidden from them. Fera felt different all her life, she felt this force inside her calling her to run as fast as the wind and venture in to the unknown. She loved dancing and loosing herself to music, from young she dreamt of becoming a ballerina, this dream was nev
  • Insanus
    InsanusExploring mental health and the mental asylums as a means for control and exploitation of women.
  • Volatus
    VolatusConcept exploring witchcraft and its relation to women and female empowerment.
  • Like a Fish out of Water
    Like a Fish out of Water
  • Epidermis
    EpidermisSkin, our relation with aging and skin
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Work history
    Creative / Art DirectorFlowers of Antimony
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Art Direction Concept art and research Illustration Mood Boards/ concept development Technical/ flat drawings Adobe illustrator Photoshop Indesign Laser cutting Digital Printing Print development
    Fashion Design internEren brand
     - London, United KingdomInternship
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  • Design Patterns
  • Fashion
  • Fabric Cutting
  • Hand Sewing
  • Industrial Sewing
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • 5. Illustration
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Watercolour
  • 11. Photoshop
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Drawing
  • Fashion Concept
  • Technical Illustration
  • Technical Drawing
  • Technical Specification
  • Technical Design
  • Finishing Techniques
  • Embellishment Techniques
  • Garment Technology
  • Illustration
  • Digital Illustration
  • Ink Illustration
  • Art
  • Art Direction
  • Concept art
  • Concept Artist
  • Performance Art
    London College of Fashion, UAL logo
    London College of Fashion, UAL logo
    BA (Hons) Fashion DesignLondon College of Fashion, UAL
     - London, United Kingdom
    First Class Honours
    Drawfashion finalistDrawfashion