Chanel Irvine

Chanel Irvine

Copy-editor; Writer; Researcher; PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Chanel Irvine

Chanel Irvine

Copy-editor; Writer; Researcher; PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
As a documentary photographer, Chanel’s practice seeks to portray the power of human initiative, connection and contribution. Inspired by the importance of constructive, solution-based journalism, she embraces visual communication that empowers. Her stories often focus on livelihoods, environments and communities that are susceptible to change based on emerging trends, development demands and environmental pressures. Aware of the multitude of sustainability issues they face, she is particularly interested in the people and organisations who are working to make a positive environmental and social impact in their communities.
  • A Short Distance
    A Short Distance2020 has been a globally transformative year; an opportunity to pause, reflect, reset and redirect. The pandemic forced all of us into our homes, with varying degrees of isolation from those around us, as we entered periods of national lockdown. Based in the beautiful countryside in Kent, England, I took this series of images to portray the perseverance and display of community and solidarity that has characterised our shared experience of what continues to be a tumultuous and confronting year
  • Time and Tide
    Time and Tide“Time and tide keep on pushing and pulling Pushing and pulling on you and me Sometimes our flood runs high, Sometimes we're both left bone dry Dreaming of the big blue sea! Time and tide wait for no one Time and tide wait for no one Time and tide keep on pushing and pulling.” These are lyrics from beloved Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly’s song ‘Time and Tide.’ I listened to his Greatest Hits CD every day for a month in January 2020, as I drove around his beautiful country that was stil
  • On The Farm
    On The FarmAll around the world, the environment has been suffering. We recently saw the Amazon rainforest and Australia go up in flames, following countless other natural catastrophes that increasingly confirm our societies' greatest fear and reinforce our biggest challenge: things need to change. One of the most common suggestions is to lower the impacts of the farming industry. More specifically, beef, sheep and dairy farming, or livestock farming, which contributes to land degradation, a large percent
  • Lieblingsmenschen
    LieblingsmenschenA collaboration with WUNDER journal - these portraits were taken of pairs of people with their 'lieblingsmensch;' their favourite person.
  • An English Summer
    An English Summer‘An English Summer,’ is a body of work produced over the summer months in England in 2019 - three years after the referendum that saw 51.89% of the population vote to leave the European Union, with 48.11% voting to remain. From the very beginning of the campaign, and still persisting today, there has been an incredible amount of uncertainty and conflict regarding the issue. This was emphasised by the overwhelming number of protestors and participants in the ‘People’s Vote’ marches; in October 20
  • Ode to Cleo
    Ode to CleoWhen I first met Cleo she reminded me of someone you would see in a film, or the main character of a book. Her ‘free-spirit’ energy was almost intimidating; here was a girl I could sense had had life experiences I still only dream of having. I instantly knew (or hoped) we would be friends. We met at the start of our Masters of Photography in London, and before too long we were as close as I am with some people I’ve known for many, many years. I remember thinking that she’d be a wonderful subject
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Projects credited in
    LIMBO+HATCHLimbo+Hatch was born out of the idea of creatives being essential workers but more specifically that they use their digital mediums to interrogate, cultivate and reform the physical world. Through Limbo, we Hatch. Accelerated by Covid-19, creatives are building euphoric digital ecosystems where we can live fluidly and reclaim our freedom to privacy and expression. This can be seen through emerging trends in virtually augmented filters, avatars, drag performance, supernatural beauty and fragmen
  • Life's a Beach: How Brits Are Rediscovering the Joys of the Seaside
    Life's a Beach: How Brits Are Rediscovering the Joys of the SeasideWith travel so restricted in summer 2020, Brits have been enjoying the delights of the beaches that are on their doorstep. And with amusement arcades, fish and chips and ice-cream parlours aplenty, you don’t get more quintessentially British than Margate. Photographer Chanel Irvine set out to capture the traditional charm of the seaside resort. Photographer: Chanel Irvine
Work history
    Copy-writer & CreativeChloe Franses & Co
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    My role includes social media management and strategy for the company, research, crafting client decks, writing new business proposals, thought-leadership pieces and press releases.
    Limbo+Hatch logo
    Limbo+Hatch logo
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    As the trend-forecaster's copy-writer, I have been responsible for writing copy for our upcoming and inaugural print magazine, volume 1.
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  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Editing Copy
  • German
  • Photo Assisting
  • 120 Film
  • Research
  • Layout
  • Photo Editing
  • Critical Analysis
    Master of Professional PhotographySpéos Photography School
     - London, United Kingdom
    Specialised in Documentary Photography
    Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and EconomicsThe Australian National University
     - Canberra ACT, Australia
    Majored in Management Research specialisation: theories of social and global justice.