Charles Marsden

Charles Marsden

Production DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Charles Marsden

Charles Marsden

Production DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
  • American Express Centurion Lounge
    American Express Centurion LoungeImmersive members event, full 360 build
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  • AMEX Platinum House x LFW
    AMEX Platinum House x LFW
  • Jack Daniels - JD Roots
    Jack Daniels - JD RootsJD Roots – Future proofing Jack Daniel’s with a truly cross media, branded content platform Jack Daniel’s has a problem. The rock’n’roll heritage it has traded on for so long has been forgotten by younger drinkers, for whom Guns & Roses and Janice Joplin aren’t even a distant memory. Slowly becoming less relevant to its target market, JD’s market share is slipping as it struggles to compete with brands like Jagermeister. JD Roots was created to fight back. An ongoing music platform, born from the insight at the very heart of the Jack Daniels brand – that where you are from matters in making you who you are today. Designed to rebuild the rock’n’roll heritage that has served Jack Daniels so well in the past, but delivered in a way that is completely future facing – cross media, cross device. Campaign elements: Live events Social media activity Online comms Branded films Email Cross device HTML5 website Live streaming Merchandising, e.g. limited edition vinyl EPs Media partnerships with Channel 4 and NME.
  • Jack Daniel's
    Jack Daniel'sRe-established Jack Daniel’s musical credentials for a new generation. JD Roots. A dynamic musical endeavour that takes bands back to their hometowns for a series of one-off gigs. Fans of the Cribs, the Horrors and Twin Atlantic competed for tickets on our site where they could also take a video tour of each bands’ hometown and discover the places that inspired them and their music. A broadcast media partnership with the NME took the experience to the masses and all three gigs were streamed live. Despite the brand’s rock ’n’ roll heritage, through customer research we found that over half their new target market of 19-29 year olds saw no association between Jack Daniel’s and music. JD Roots established the legendary Tennessee whisky’s relevance for a younger audience by creating a platform that celebrates its heritage in music and whisky-making and the role their hometown plays in both. We saw over 5,000 new sign-ups, of which 75% were under 29. And the gig attendance had an average age of 27.
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    Bachelor of Arts (BA) UCLAN
    London, United Kingdom
    Business and Marketing