Claire Pearce

Claire Pearce

Personal-development FacilitatorFleet, United Kingdom
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Claire Pearce

Claire Pearce

Personal-development FacilitatorFleet, United Kingdom
About me
Facilitator and Journaling Coach Author of 'Coach yourself with a Pen': I'm lucky to spend my time encouraging, inspiring and enabling people to be creatively confident so they can tackle problems, achieve goals and live a happier, more satisfied life. I do this by facilitating groups and coaching individuals. To find out more about how I can help you, your team or your business, go to: For over 25 years I worked for global organisations, largely in brand, marketing and communications. Though ultimately unsatisfied, I worked with amazing people, learned tonnes of skills working as a project manager, content manager and planning manager. I also spent a few years working for Mencap leading a team of co-ordinators to help support people with disabilities into work and volunteering.
  • Journey to Employment
    Journey to EmploymentA back to work programme for people who have been long-term unemployed, for whatever reason. I created and ran the sessions for the programme, recruited participants via the Job Centre and supported additional team members. We recruited someone from the first cohort as a volunteer for future programmes which was really beneficial.
  • Designed illustration
    Designed illustrationI wanted something consistent and simple for my website so I drew this illustration.
  • Write for your Life workshops
    Write for your Life workshopsRegular public (and private) workshops getting people free writing around a theme. The idea is to write for yourself first, for self-discovery and reflection and also for creativity and fun as there is a strong sharing and community element.
  • Write Enjoy Repeat Podcast
    Write Enjoy Repeat PodcastA podcast featuring every day people who love to write, sharing what it does for them and why people should give it a go. I created the Podcast using Anchor and published a couple of times a month.
  • Global Brand Sruvey
    Global Brand SruveyI project managed the creation and publication of The global brand which included over 100 reports covering 54 countries.
  • EY global re-brand
    EY global re-brandI worked as part of a team to re-brand EY globally. I coordinated efforts across internal and external functions and finally project managed the re-brand launch and all associated projects for the global function in London. From the smallest details, e.g. 'which logo goes on the water bottles?', to developing training in the use of the new brand (internal and external documentation), developing brand principles, signage, all associated IT considerations and much more.
Work history
    Coach, Facilitator, WriterCpsdayoff
    Fleet, United KingdomFull Time
    I run fun, creative writing workshops to get people writing - for themselves first and foremost. I also use writing in my coaching as it digs a little deeper than conversation alone. I want to inspire people to write as a tool for life as well as a means of expression and have a podcast showcasing why people love to write and what they get out of it (Write Enjoy Repeat).
    Lead Co-ordinatorMencap
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    • Front line managed a team of coordinators. • Managed caseload and reporting across team. • Managed caseload referral and induction process. • Built and managed stakeholder relationships. • Developed materials and workshops for new employment support programmes. • Managed regular audits with commissioners. • Helped to develop and deliver organisation-wide Impact project.
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