Clarisse Talleux

Art director/designerLondon, United Kingdom
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Clarisse Talleux

Art director/designerLondon, United Kingdom
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WHO Clarisse Talleux, 23, French (and for that matter, awesome cook). Junior designer with a master’s degree in art direction, currently interning at Unreal Studio, in London. WHERE After living in London, Singapore and Hong Kong for a total of 8 years, I returned to my native town of Paris... only to move once again! I am now London based. WHAT I build brand identities, draw, take or conceive pictures and recently learned how to color between the lines. Other hobbies include cooking overly spicy meals, traveling, and organizing my collection of comics and graphic novels (so far I've got 203!). Oh, and I wrote a sex-ed book. _ PREVIOUSLY : 2018 Root Studio (London) Art direction internship 2017 - 2019 École Estienne (Paris) Art direction master's degree 2015 Products&Brands (Paris) Graphic design internship 2015 - 2017 École Estienne (Paris) Graphic design bachelor 2014 - 2015 ENSAAMA (Paris) Applied Arts foundation year _ Contact me at clarisse.talleux@gmail.com
  • WEIGHTLESSDirecting a photoshoot of dancers flowing like water.
  • EAU DE PARISGiving value to Paris's tap water.
  • PLAY FOR REALInciting children to play outside and keep off their screens.
  • UNPALATABLEShowing the beauty of tap water throughout a master's thesis.
  • TROPHÉE PRESSE CITRONGiving newspaper cartoons a brand new look.
  • +30MINGiving the Parisians the best reason to use public transportation
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  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Creative Strategy
    MastersEcole Nationale Superieure des Arts et Industries Graphiques Estienne
     - Paris, France
    I spent most of my scholarship in the fantastic school that is Estienne, in Paris. During the two years of my Master's degree, I worked on 360° projects, in teams or alone.