Connor Lawrence

Connor Lawrence

Video/Motion ArtistUnited Kingdom
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Connor Lawrence

Connor Lawrence

Video/Motion ArtistUnited Kingdom
About me
3D Animator and designer from Croydon with a degree in Computer Animation and a self taught love for Graphic and Motion design.
  • Graphics Operator - BBC Impossible
    Graphics Operator - BBC ImpossibleOperated and designed graphics for the last 5 seasons of the popular quiz show on BBC one.
  • BBC - The Button
    BBC - The ButtonFreelance work compositing VFX into live action for a new series of The Button. This involved camera tracking, rotoscoping and masking in After Effects to produce the desired outcome. Due to the large quantity and varying camera movement of each shot a streamlined workflow was essential in order to deliver on time
  • Lego Batman YouTube Adverts
    Lego Batman YouTube AdvertsI was selected to spend 5 months working with the animation team at Earth London to produce a series of 6 adverts promoting Lego’s most recent Batman Toys. As a collective we brainstormed ideas with clients and translated storyboards to animation using a variety of 3D and compositing programs. The adverts were produced to tight deadlines which created a fast paced environment with consistent client feedback. My time with Earth London gave me insight to a professional 3D pipeline, the chance to u
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photoshop
  • Maya
  • Videography
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Motion Design
    University of Portsmouth logo
    University of Portsmouth logo
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) University of Portsmouth
     - Portsmouth, United Kingdom