Cummings Twins

Cummings Twins

Artists / Art Director / Freelance Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Cummings Twins

Cummings Twins

Artists / Art Director / Freelance Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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WHO WE ARE We are multidisciplinary artists who are inspired by esotericism and mysticism. Transcendence is critical to our work. We want to reveal what is subtle and invisible and make it tangible to experience. We use many different mediums to produce art that is often facilitated by digital technology. Our work is highly experimental and improvised and encompasses many modes. These include imagery, sculpture, video, performance and installation. Working together we build upon each other's ideas.We are active in the Hermetic wisdom schools and Druidic practices. We also study other esoteric belief systems such as shamanism. These ideas are coupled with contemporary culture to produce an alternative visual language transporting ancient to the present. As twins, we believe that both art and magic are interchangeable and provide the same outcome for living life. This is best described by Alan Moore's quote."Magic in its earliest form is often referred to as 'the art'. Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words, or images, to achieve changes in consciousness." Alan Moore transcript Documentary Dec 3 2013 HERE AND NOW The Cummings twins still have technology as their mainstay but with maturity, their work has flourished with a sense of spirit behind everything they do. Their current projects include ‘Polygondaydream’ that involves the creation of sculptures and also ‘The Mystery School of Sound’ which is a performance music piece relating to Hermeticism and the healing arts. LEGEND AND LEGACY We began in the East End a decade before the advent of Shoreditch becoming a digital hub. We were carving up our own space in the internet's wild west. We became renowned for producing online art even before social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram ever existed. We were known as digital Punks working under the pseudonym of AZ2Lab. We made digital images, motion graphics, music, interactive art and installations. We featured as VJ's in many of the venues in the area. We rapidly became a household name within the digital art scene. Our work showcased around the world at events and exhibitions; countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain and South Korea. We were also widely published here in the Uk and abroad. This brought attention from the commercial world and they began producing work for Diesel, Nike, Deutsche Telecom, Volkswagon as well as many other international brands. All that was good came to an abrupt end - as they decided to leave advertising and push into the art world. A little later in our careers, we still maintained the digital heritage but used it as a process for painting. In this period we produced large-scale hyperrealist landscapes. This work got accepted into the national shows such as Mostyn Contemporary amongst others. The shortlisted painting titled Roadside, came close to winning the prestigious Threadneedle Prize in 2010. Nowadays, with growth and personal development, there is a change in our attitude and choice. We are more philosophical rather than social-political in our discourse. We are on a journey with our art, it is now inextricably linked with magic and mysticism.
  • The eyes are windows to the soul
    The eyes are windows to the soulInspired by the multitude of humanity and the uniqueness of every single person in the world. I wanted to make something that was truly human and living and breathing. I chose the eye for its immeasurable beauty and wanted to demonstrate organic change and the sense of a shared soul from one person to another. Film by @cummingstwins
  • Wilder Woman
    Wilder WomanVideo Installation 2019 Photographic collaboration with Daria Belikova, Inspiration was taken from the wilder man series. Sculptures and headdress by the Cummings twins Title: Wilder WomanMedium: Video  Dimensions: 1:1 Length: 0:20 seconds Date: 2019
  • Messiah
    MessiahVideo Installation 2021 Be drawn into the hypnotic intensity of this film. Multiple portrayals of Jesus blip vert and strobe yet remain with continuity and evolution. This is the Messiah, an avatar in its multiplicity, a motif and ideology, summarised into one singular form. Messiah has been previewed in many countries and Spain gave us the best reception for this film. This is a small section of a film we made called H.E.R.O. for the online film festival. We enjoy forays into digital online
  • Life Sex Death (LSD)
    Life Sex Death (LSD)Video Installation 2019 The Cummings Twins are part of an ever-changing programme of makers in residence at Bankside Hotel’s maker's studio. Bankside provides a permanent creative space and working with curators Contemporary Collective champion up-and-coming creatives, covering a wide range of disciplines including design, painting, sculpture, film, drawing, printmaking, installation, new media and photography. During their stay, Bankside guests can watch artists practice their creative experti
  • Adoration of Spring
    Adoration of SpringWe are creating a collection of spontaneous shorts, documenting visual poetic narratives that will montage into live performance in combination with generative music and graphics
  • Correspondence
    CorrespondenceVideo Installation 2018 This video is inspired by the ancient text called the Kybalion first penned down in 1908 and is a treaty attributed to Hermes Trismegistus the Hermetic philosopher. The teachings define the seven fundamental principles of the universe, they are Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Duality, Rhythm, Cause & Effect and Generation. This video focuses on the Second great principle Correspondence, 'As above so below, as within so without.' Title: Correspondence Medium: Vide
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Projects credited in
  • The White Sabbath by ABINTRA 8
    The White Sabbath by ABINTRA 8Event review of The White Sabbath a ceremonial event put together by ABINTRA 8 on the reinterpretation of spiritualism, occultism, and folk stories through the concept of “Light.” Article: Full credits: Art Director: Laura Macij @lauramacij Exhibition Curators: Mircha Ivens @mirchaivens Sarah-Lou Maarek @slimrk_ Curation Assistants: Melaine Huang @ihmelaine Naomi Larh @naomilarh Marie Hills @marie_hillsbutt Performers “The Feast” Lesley
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    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Fine Art
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     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    EXPERIENCE Art director, conceptual and creative designer with over 15 years’ experience within digital marketing. Working with some of the top agencies in London. With an in-depth understanding of online advertising and social media, following the latest trends in technology and platforms creating state of the art products for multinational brands. CREATIVITY Originating from an arts and design background gives me broad perspective on the creative processes, with key industry skills including graphic design, concept and prototyping and problem solving. Addressing business requirements with flair, expressing Ideas clearly and concisely, appealing to form and function that results in innovative and elegant design. ART DIRECTION Well-suited member of the team to guide the design process for digital brands, encompassing full life-cycle of projects from conception to execution including excellent abilities in visualization and prototyping. Hands-on skills with the entire Adobe Suite, including 3D design at disposal and a deep understanding of current trends in design and technology. LEADERSHIP Experience in running small design teams and working independently. Has excellent client facing skills with a polite, logical, straight talking diplomatic approach to all members the team and departments. Provides mentoring for juniors with best practice approaches to projects. Taking ideas forward as a team and providing effective handovers. TECHNOLOGY Having a comprehensive knowledge of the Adobe suite including 3D design. Responsive design for screen based display. Motion as well as prototyping software including 3D printing and Product design. CORE Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, Muse, Fire Works, After Effects, Audition, Light room, Flash, Experience Design, Acrobat Professional, Cinema 4D, Sketch QUALITY CONTROL Analytical with attention to detail: a perfectionist. Logical and practical with review processes. Realistic with goals and time-keeping. SELECTED CLIENTS APPLEBY ACCENTURE ARAURA COMS BARCLAYS BASF BET GENIUS BING BURBERRY CONTENT AND CODE CLIENTS SELECTED CANON CONTENT AND CODE DHL DIESEL EASYJET GLENFIDDICH HSBC ITN LOVESTRUCK NIKE PAYPAL ONLINE MARKETING PROCTOR&GAMBLE REEBOK ACCOUNT SOUTHEND AIRPORT GLENFIDDICH PAYPAL ONLINE MARKETING PROCTOR&GAMBLE REEBOK SANTANDER SAMSUNG SDE SAVVIS SOUTHEND AIRPORT TRAVEL SUPERMARKET.COM VIRGIN
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  • 2D 3D Motion Graphics
  • 3D CG Illustration
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  • 2+ Years Experience in Social Media
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    1st degree BA (hons) Fine Art Paint and History & Theory
    Cheltenham, United Kingdom
    Fine art painting and fine critical theory, also year representative.