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Dagmar Scheibenreif

Director | Filmmaker | CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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Dagmar Scheibenreif

Director | Filmmaker | CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Dagmar is a Director and HSE Underwater DoP who focuses on Narrative and Commercials. Having started her career as a stills photographer in 1995 in Vienna she moved to London in 2000 to pursue her career in moving image. After completing a BA in Digital Screen Arts, Dagmar worked as a Director, DoP and Editor for a small advertising production company, eventually went freelance and quickly progressed to DoP, while also directing a wide variety of promos. She eventually went on to study ‘Directing Commercials’ at the NFTS in 2018 to further develop her craft and delve deeper into the world of commercials. Dagmar has worked worldwide, combining her love for travelling and meeting new people with her work. Her unwavering attention to detail, her constant striving for perfection as well as her ability to think both conceptually and strategically coupled with her technical know-how and the ability to intuitively work with performers and analyse story is what makes her stand out as a Commercials & Film Director. www.dagmarscheibenreif.com mail@dagmarscheibenreif.com Instagram: d.s_creative IMDB: imdb.com/name/nm3433459
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Projects credited in
  • Soldier"Porter’s message is always strong here. His cinematography highlights all of the subtext bubbling under the surface. Army life is never as polished as the television ad makes it out to be" - Oracle of Film
Work history
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I am a Director working on branded content and advertising. I also edit and have a background in DP-ing and also self-shoot sometimes as I enjoy both larger and smaller shoots.
  • Directing
  • Video
  • Script Writing
  • Video Editiing
  • Film Production
  • Promos
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Brand Stategy
  • 360 Video
  • Cinematography
    DiplomaNational Film and Television School
    London, United Kingdom
    1 year course 'Directing Commercials'
    (hons) BAThe Surrey Institute of Art & Design
    United Kingdom
    Digital Screen Arts - Course Studied all sides to moving image creation from Production to Shoot and Edit to Marketing.
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