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Hello and thanks for reading. Let me tell you a bit more about myself and my experience so far. I have produced and directed, shot and edited content from underwater to topside and through the years have established close relationships with studios, rental houses and have built a vast network of crew from camera to lighting, grip to VFX and specialist crew for VR and 360. I am currently studying writing short content and creative copy for both standard 2D video and virtual reality. As Head of Department I have lead teams of up to 8 people with budgets up to £40.000 for a 3 day shoot and through my attention to detail and my ability to think conceptually and strategic coupled with years of experience in Film & Video Production I ensure clients are happy, briefs and budgets are met and content is of the highest technical and creative standards. I initially started my career in Stills Photography in 1995 in Vienna Austria where I am originally from and then moved to London in 2000 to continue my journey into moving image. After completing my BA in Digital Screen Arts in 2004 I then worked fulltime for a small Advertising Production Company as Editor, Production Assistant & Camera Operator but also both produced, wrote & directed a TV commercial for a Womens Fashion Brand. After a year I went freelance and worked my way up DoP and Director and in this capacity have worked on a wide variety of projects from Narrative, Beauty & Fashion to Promos and Documentaries. Throughout the years I always did produce and direct content but am now seeking a fulltime role in production to be able to delve deeper into handling projects by liaising with clients, planning and organising the shoot from concept though to delivery. I am extremely hardworking and ambitious, very organised in nature and well versed in all areas of film production and am a firm believer in constant growth – both as a person and in a professional sense and am a dedicated and fast learner. I am a driven individual and both great in a team and a leading role. I look forward to hearing from you to speak in more detail about the position. Best wishes, Dagmar Scheibenreif +44 (0)7861392221 www.dagmarscheibenreif.com mail@dagmarscheibenreif.com Instagram: d.s_creative Twitter: @DagS_Creative IMDB: imdb.com/name/nm3433459

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  • Directing
  • Video
  • Script Writing
  • Video Editiing
  • Film Production
  • Promos
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Brand Stategy
  • 360 Video
  • Cinematography

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      Halo Productions


      Work history


      May 2014
      • London, United Kingdom
      • Freelance
      • Various Productions - please see my CV for details


      Director Of Photography


      Feb 2005
      • London, United Kingdom
      • Freelance
      • I have mainly DoP'd but have also worked as Camera Operator, Videographer, Producer, Director and Editor on a wide range of content from Narrative to Underwater and Beauty as well as Promo and Product Documentary.



      Jan 2018
      • London, United Kingdom
      • 1 year course 'Directing Commercials'


      Jun 2001
      • United Kingdom
      • Digital Screen Arts - Course Studied all sides to moving image creation from Production to Shoot and Edit to Marketing.


      Sep 2015 - Aug 2000
      • Vienna, Austria
      • Stills Photography - in depth for 5 years