Daniel Amoako

Daniel Amoako

Graphic Design & Content LeadLondon, United Kingdom
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Daniel Amoako

Daniel Amoako

Graphic Design & Content LeadLondon, United Kingdom
Work history
    Graphic Designer & Content LeadHijingo
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    First in-house designer to support the launch of the brand at its venue on March 16th 2020. Maintained brand consistency and ensured guidelines across all marketing content. Creative direction and content creation that contributed to the event space. (Menu Design, Product Design, Packaging, Motion Graphics.) Used innovative marketing strategies to increase impact of content and establish collaborative partnerships.
    Senior Digital Designerimmediate future
     - Kingston upon Thames, United KingdomFreelance
    The lead designer of advert campaigns and live broadcast of Fujistu World Tour 2019. Fujitsu Forum TV 2019, International Defence Rugby Conference 2019. Billingtons Sugar. Efficient studio management to improve process and deliver times between designers and accounts. Provided in-house training for digital design, motion graphics, broadcast media, print and packaging design. Using creative direction allowing for new techniques and higher-quality outputs.
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