Danielle Knight

Danielle Knight

Research & Partnerships ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
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Danielle Knight

Danielle Knight

Research & Partnerships ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
  • Victoria & Albert Museum 'the Future Starts Here'
    Victoria & Albert Museum 'the Future Starts Here'I managed Superflux's conception and production of seven films and audiovisual works that would shape the experience of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s landmark show The Future Starts Here (open until November 4th 2018). This involved working closely with curators at the Victoria & Albert museum, architects from the Office for Political Innovation, the Superflux team and a network of freelancers to realise these seven works which would shape the audiovisual experience of the exhibition.
    Future(s) of Power #2: BRIAN ENO, JULIET JACQUES, LIV WYNTER & GAL-DEMA series of open parliamentary sessions that explored the future of representation, governance and democracy. Over a series of three events, Superflux invited speakers and citizens to consider the future of representative rule. The second event in Superflux's Future(s) of Power series explored the influence and impact of artistic power to wider society. Curated by Studios residents Superflux and produced by Somerset House Studios.
  • Future(s) of Power #3: Algorithmic Power
    Future(s) of Power #3: Algorithmic PowerThe third session in a series of events curated by Superflux and produced by Somerset House Studios exploring the future of representation, governance and democracy. This event (and experiment) used the method of sortition to populate and hold a Citizens Assembly on Algorithmic Power. The purpose of the assembly was for citizens to collectively make suggestions and recommendations for the possible future use of algorithms in elections. Superflux developed and introduced a possible future sce
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Projects credited in
  • The Mitigation of Shock
    The Mitigation of ShockMitigation of Shock was produced by Superflux for the critically acclaimed "After the End of the World" exhibition at The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). Mitigation of Shock explores a future, around 2050, where the Western world has moved from abundance to scarcity following severe climate change. We built a flat from future London to illustrate the daily struggles of a family as they wrestle with reality and a home made fogponics setup built to grow their own food.
  • University of the Arts London Awarding Body
    University of the Arts London Awarding BodyA creative, dynamic and challenging approach for a creative, dynamic and challenging audience. If your college education was creatively inclined, the chances are that the course you took was created by UAL Awarding Body. As the only specialist art, design and creative industries awarding organisation in England, they design, develop and award qualifications within the national qualifications framework. They are owned by, and based within, University of the Arts London. To help us understand the
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  • Academic Research
    Master of Arts: Cognition & CommunicationUniversity of Copenhagen
     - Copenhagen, Denmark
    In this full-time, two year research-based Masters programme I ran multiple self-initiated projects investigating the ways people think, feel and behave in the context of their relationship and interactions with digital communication technologies. I also took electives in Utopian Studies looking at 'the Body as Utopia'. This interdisciplinary programme combined neuroscience, psychology, communication theory, phenomenology, and social science approaches. I was fully trained in research design, and qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.
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    University of Leeds logo
    BA Philosophy 2:1University of Leeds
     - Leeds, United Kingdom
    I complemented the programme's core focus on analytic philosophy with electives in anthropological and eastern philosophy including Hinduism and Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism. Over the duration of the course my interest oriented towards the Philosophy of Mind and Metaphysics. In particular, I was curious about comparisons between the concept of time and the human experience of temporality.