Danielle-Louise Watt

Danielle-Louise Watt

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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Danielle-Louise Watt

Danielle-Louise Watt

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am passionate about design, art and communication. I keep up to date with new technologies and artistic trends which allows me to be creative and flexible in my professional environment. I also create my own artwork where I mostly look to contemporary art for inspiration. Picasso is my favourite painter - just putting it out there - but it’s also my surroundings that are my main source of material. I love people, and the environment they make, and living in South London for coming up to 9 years has been a formidable force in many of the things I’ve made or done in the past few years creatively and professionally. I enjoy coming up with solutions to problems under pressure, working with others and acting as the bridge between multiple parties. I like to be organised, I like to juggle (not with balls, but with jobs of course) and communicating with everyone to help reach a goal harmoniously. I am comfortable using the Adobe suite, Excel, Xero, and many more online + admin systems. I have excellent communication and organisation skills with the majority of my experience being in the post production and advertising industry I know a fair amount about this field, but am looking to broaden my horizons. I’m very creative, and I enjoy the company of creative and passionate people: I thrive on the enthusiasm of others.
  • Artist
    ArtistI make art and sell it online and in shops in South London. www.d-l-watt.com
Projects credited in
  • Adidas Women Statement Collection
    Adidas Women Statement CollectionDesign direction for Adidas Women
Work history
    Postmen London logo
    Postmen London logo
    Producer / Studio ManagerPostmen London
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    In my role as producer at Postmen, I am responsible for the planning and smooth delivery of high end fashion campaigns with many levels of expectations to manage and multiples of assets to be delivered, while also working the smaller independent editorial projects into the studio that we like to do to keep our photographers happy and our creativity always high and our curiosity challenged. I have a small team of 5-7 retouchers whom I brief each day + manage their time around the projects in the studio, as well as working alongside photographers and clients to ensure we deliver not only something everyone is proud of, but of the absolute best quality. My main focus in this role is that as a business we are trusted and have a reputation of being the friendliest and most meticulous post production studio in the fashion industry. In my role as Studio manager I also juggle the rest of the tasks in the studio that allows it to be a functioning and pleasant space for everyone to work in. In a nutshell, I do everything but the retouching. The studio and the running of the projects are all entirely down to myself. The opportunity to work with some leading clients in this industry has been such a pleasure here, however I feel that my time in the fashion industry has come to an end. After many years of it being a lot of fun, I’d like to move into something a little more fluid, accepting, and innovative, in an industry that I am passionate about myself, not ‘just for work’, and in a team where I have piers who work alongside me and to support.
    The Laundry Room logo
    The Laundry Room logo
    Studio ManagerThe Laundry Room
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    While a fairly small company, I found myself managing a lot of very large jobs with clients ranging from high end advertising like Nike and Rimmel, to independent photographers who we have built wonderful creative relationships with. I did many things at TLR that I do in my current role such as dealing with all client relationships, scheduling, accounts, producing shoots, and making sure deadlines are met within budgets. All while managing the retouching team (in house, freelance, and mobile), and ensuring everyone is happy and know’s what they need to do each day. My main joy in this role ass working with the clients, and making sure everyone get’s what they need on time, ensuring they come away from working with us having had a pleasant and happy experience. Making the clients happy and keeping the team on track was a real pleasure in this role.
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    BA(Hons) Illustration and AnimationKingston University
    Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
    3 year BA Hons course in Illustration and Animation.