David Howell


Telford, United Kingdom
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About me

I have been working as a freelance writer, journalist and publisher for the last 25 years. I specialize in technology and business subjects. I am able to look at a new subject, understand its key elements, and then write engaging copy for the audience of the magazine or website I am writing for. I’m also a content strategist. If your business needs to create content but requires help getting started, or wants to expand its existing content, I can help you create a strategy that will result in world-class content that will speak and engage with your audience. As a content producer, I understand the power that a well-crafted piece of content can have for a business. Having produced everything from blog posts to extensive reports, I can create any kind of content to help a business reach its customers. I can take a brief and turn this into a feature, website content, case study, product or whitepaper aimed specifically at your readership. My current clients come back to me constantly as they can rely on me to hit deadlines, deliver additional assets and ensure that their job as an editor is as easy and efficient as possible. Give me a call if you need any specific information. David Howell | Nexus Publishing E: nexuspublishing@gmail.com W: www.nexuspublishing.co.uk W: http://www.businessforbeginners.uk/ ---- T: +44 (0)1952 615785 M: +44 (0)799 0925 823 ---- LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nexuspublishing Twitter: https://twitter.com/nexuspublishing ----

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  • Writing
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  • Editing Copy
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