Dean Dùmarè Idoniboyè

Dean Dùmarè Idoniboyè

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Dean Dùmarè Idoniboyè

Dean Dùmarè Idoniboyè

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hello, I am Dean D Idoniboyè, a self taught film photographer from East London. My journey into photography started in the final year of University. In my final year it became clear that I have a passion for photography. Since then I have been developing my knowledge of photography as a communicative medium. In January 2020, I began Lude Magazine, a platform powered by creatives, providing tips, insights and stories from a network of creatives. In addition to lending my photography skills to the platform, I also interview and produce copy for the platforms social account on Instagram.
  • Lude meets Yiigaa
    Lude meets YiigaaIn the midst of all the madness that was 2020, southeast London's songstress Yiigaa delivered 'Inner Dawn' her second EP, a mental break. The project is filled with an intoxicatingly sultry spirit, that lubricates the mind, allowing the listener to join Yiigaa, in a feeling that can't be described in any other way than, summer.  We sat down with Yiigaa to talk about her beginning in music, 2020 and her plans for the future. 
  • lude
    ludeIs a space, open and free from judgement, where we express ourselves without fear or rejection. Unconcerned with popularity or trends, we aim to share the stories, opinions and the journeys of creatives on the ground.
  • Let your fears go and catch your blessings.
    Let your fears go and catch your blessings.A collaboration between myself and Oleita
  • London Fields, 2019
    London Fields, 2019A quick snapshot into the lives of people I see on the streets
  • Lean into it
    Lean into itNoah, 2019
  • LFW Men's 2019
    LFW Men's 2019Shots taken outside of LFWM 2019
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  • Notion issue 85 - Fekky
    Notion issue 85 - Fekky@fekkyofficial for @notion issue 85 Words Hamda Isa-Salwe Photography @deandumare_ Fashion @symonekeisha Grooming using @maccosmeticsuk
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