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debbie impett

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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debbie impett

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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  • The Sunday Times - IconsBeing tasked with promoting The Sunday Times’ month long series and refresh of its Culture section got us thinking. What are people’s favourite iconic cultural moments across film, music, art and TV? Why do some things enter popular culture and remain there, while others fall by the wayside? The result is a campaign that hopes to get people thinking – and talking – about the same questions. Shot in one stunning take by Us through Academy Films, the film tips its hat to some of the most insta
  • Iceland - Barbecue Season 2018The summer barbecue. One of the most competitive events of the season. Who will bring the best burgers? Strut in with succulent sausages? Our commentators are to here find out. They’re fast-talking, quip-making funny Americans. Together, they watch the BBQ action unfold, and make excited and witty comments throughout. To them, a barbecue is a lot like sport. And whoever brings the best food - is the WINNER!
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