Debbie Tea

Debbie Tea

Illustrator, Photo Artist and Creative DirectorIndonesia
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Debbie Tea

Debbie Tea

Illustrator, Photo Artist and Creative DirectorIndonesia
  • Puffy Sticker Set
    Puffy Sticker SetDoodles I made into puffy stickers for my brand, Pantainanas. Based on my daily life in Bali, easy, nice and sparkly. :) Each sticker set is screen-printed by human hands with a durable, puffy material in matte finishing.
  • Dis Gonna Be The Ride of Your Lyfe!
    Dis Gonna Be The Ride of Your Lyfe!A commissioned work for Grab Indonesia's merchandise line, partnered with The Goods Dept.​​​​​​​ and my brand, Pantainanas.
  • #love (2017 - ongoing)
    #love (2017 - ongoing)I find it fascinating how people associate things with love. ‘Loveʼ is the most popular hashtag on Instagram with more than one billion posts. Iʼve been recreating random people's posts tagged #love on Instagram and turning them into illustrations.
  • May in Shanghai
    May in ShanghaiDaily drawings I made while I was in Shanghai in May 2017. I went there for two weeks, all by myself. It was one of my most stagnant periods and one day I just randomly bought a ticket, not knowing what to expect. All I could say now is that it was one of my best decisions ever. It brought me new experiences and different point of views. While I was there, I also tried of some drawing style I've never did before.
  • Yu Jakarta x Pantainanas
    Yu Jakarta x PantainanasA collaboration with Yu Jakarta, a Taiwanese chicken joint in Jakarta. In this project, I designed a character (Taiwanese chef) to be the icon and made illustrations for their limited edition merchandise like apron and sticker sets. Details of apron: Heavy canvas Polyflex print graphic Cotton thread top stitching Adjustable strap with black plastic buckle Chest pen/tweezer pocket Large center pocket
  • Pizza & Friends
    Pizza & Friends'Pizza & Friends' Acrylic Pins are products I made for my brand, Pantainanas. *Size: Various sizes *Material: Acrylic
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  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Drawing
  • Ideas
  • Brainstorming
  • Research
  • Concept
  • 2+ Years Experience in Social Media
  • Branding
  • Creative Entrepreneur