Ed Leigh

Ed Leigh

Music ProducerPreston, United Kingdom
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Ed Leigh

Ed Leigh

Music ProducerPreston, United Kingdom
About me
Hello, my name is Ed and I am a music composer/producer and general sound maker from the north west of England. My areas of expertise: - Music Composition: Pop music in a variety of forms - Electronic, Hip Hop, House, EDM and more.. Can also deliver professional quality stock music for jingles, game audio, film/tv/animation audio, meditation music - Music Production: Arrangement, editing, mixing, basic mastering - Post Production Audio Editing: Vocal audio/Podcasts - Sound Design: Sound effects, ambience, audio idents, intro/outro audio I have been an avid musician since early education and subsequently producing music shortly after. I am able to produce music in a variety of popular styles and I am always looking to expand my expertise further making me extremely willing to explore new or eclectic ideas. I have a 1st class honours in Music Production which presented me with many opportunities during and after to work professionally in a range of different scenarios such as recording/creating sample packs with the GSM (Global Sound Movement); composing original pieces for runway music in Beijing and London Graduate Fashion Week; creating music and sound effects for original animations and games. Aside from this, I am also an individual artist/producer known as 'Pure Gekko' (formerly known as 'edleigh') and I create music in a variety of popular genres. I have gained online popularity through these productions reaching half a million views on YouTube. Lastly I am an active DJ (primarily vinyl/CDJ) and co-founder of AV-1, an audio/visual collective based near Manchester.
  • Juicy Media Promotional Video Audio
    Juicy Media Promotional Video AudioOriginally recorded and produced composition created to coincide with a promotional animation for a web design company based in Manchester. All instrumentation was recorded and played by myself.
  • VOIDS - The Fear (edleigh remix)
    VOIDS - The Fear (edleigh remix)A remix of VOIDS' "The Fear" was created to be featured on the remixes side of the "Begin" EP. Alongside several other incredible beat makers including Iglooghost (Brainfeeder) and SertOne (Fly High Society). This was a last minute project that had been presented to me the day before the release date as the original producer was unable to create a remix in time.
  • Sola Rosa - Real Life (edleigh remix)
    Sola Rosa - Real Life (edleigh remix)A remix of Sola Rosa's "Real Life" was created to be featured on the remixes side of the album, "Low And Behold, High And Beyond". Reaching over half a million views the Majestic Casual YouTube channel.
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Work history
    ProducerGlobal Sound Movement
     - Preston, United KingdomInternship
    In this role I developed many key skills as an audio engineer and music producer. I am extremely competent with the different digital audio workstations used by the company (particularly Ableton Live) and my main duties included; getting top quality recordings of a variety of instrumentation and environmental sounds, carefully listening through and editing recordings, creating professional sample packs containing individual hits and loops, communicating effectively with non-English speaking musicians and composing original music to a professional standard using only these recordings. As an audio engineer and producer, quality assurance was of the utmost importance and something I adhered to constantly; I am therefore extremely thorough in my efforts to achieve the best possible results and handle problematic circumstances efficiently and professionally.
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Composition
  • Music Production
  • Audio Editing
  • Sound Recording and Mixing
  • Ableton Live
  • Audio Production
  • Foley
  • Arranging Music